Building Trust, One Article At A Time

Many digital marketers and social media experts talk about how important for you as a brand to monitor how consumers behave and act when they reach your website. All the analytics tools you have to own, watch your visitors numbers, visit trends, entrance pages, exit pages, impressions, reach, engagements, conversion, bounce and abandon rates, their movement within the website and many more. Whilst all these are good stuffs for your brand to do some check and balance work on your website to make it better, there is one basic but important ingredient missing – trust.

Here at NSE, we sell our content services online. The objective we are aiming for is to acquire clients who are in need of content for their websites, blogs and social media. Our task is to ensure that these prospects come and visit our weblog and spend enough time on it to make a decision that will lead to the kind of a few option of outcomes: They will come back for more, they will leave their email address at our email subscription box to become one of the first to enjoy every new article published, they will email us for inquiry, or they will contact us for an appointment.

At the point where our articles are read, a piece of information is consumed and there is where a connection is made. That connection is the result of a nearly subconscious decision to accept a relational bond between our weblog and the online visitor. We believe that no relational exchange or indeed bond of any kind can take place without the presence of trust.

It really is about building a relationship. We want to continuously build a great relationship with another human being. To do this, our main bullet for this, is our article. Creating and curating one article at a time. Once they are consumed, the journey to building trust starts from the visitors eyes, and it needs to end right down to their emotions. Human relationships rarely start with other factors than emotions.

Great content, perfect information and a sleek design are OK, but if we are looking to connect, for the first time with a prospect then we need to continuously ask these simple questions ourselves: Is our article is easy to understand to ease their consumption? Do we write something that speak their ‘language’? And if it does, can the content help to pave a way for a connection to be made? Is there a particular style, tone and character in the way we should write that will help humanise the reading experience?

Everything is all about understanding our targeted audience. And it is only by answering questions like these that we will get to the real reasons behind the list of metrics and the issues revealed that the beginning of this article earlier. At the end of the journey, its the emotional part that we are hoping for. Emotions are the only way that’ll help us convert these prospects who believe in what we are believing in into customers. It may sound like a long journey, but for us it is all worth it.