How To Get Visitors To Like Your Page (And Your Brand) The Easiest Way

By creating an audience persona. What the heck is that? Basically audience persona is a fictional aura created by brands to portray and indicate to tell that they are on the same side with their audience in terms of their preference, habit, interest and perspective. They want to inform those people that hey, we understand you and we are on your side all the way.

With your brand’s persona, it helps to bridge the gap between you and the people. Whist many brands have detailed strategies when it comes to preparing their blogs and social media Pages to attract visitors and get them on board as followers, some still totally missed out this part as the main ingredient on how to do this stranger-visitor-follower conversion work.

Some people think this work is an easy feat but in reality it is not. The purpose of building persona is to acquire trust and it takes time. You have probably developed on your avatar, the right header image and the rest of the profile job convincingly but here are the things you may have missed:

1. Have you accurately identify your type of audience? The target audience across your social media channels, blogs, YouTube, and anywhere else needs to be well identified. Go beyond just their age groups, interest and other demographic parameters. Instead, write down who the target audience is by simply asking yourself they want, their pain points and how you can deliver those to help them solve their problems. Get to know them well.

2. Are you interact with them using their language? A cosmetics brand for example, might develop multiple videos and park them in YouTube, Facebook or , Instagram to catch the audience’s attention. In beauty industry, the audience will appreciate more of video content rather than articles or even just pictures. These people want to find some stuffs on eye makeup or some other how-to tutorials and wish to ask some questions about specific techniques in the comments field. So the best is to push out videos. With video, these audience can easily relate themselves to the tutorials and visualise the how-to fast and accurate.

3. Which content can be utilised for effective result? Content are information shared by brands which enable the audience to engage. It helps them to solve their pain points or challenges they are facing. Content can be articles, infographics, video, images, posters, podcasts and quote. You must carefully choose which combinations of these that can seamlessly help you to send the message you want to push to your audience. If you are a wedding planner for instance, the best content would be images, and videos, which your audience will appreciate and relate their needs to your skill-set and experience. By looking at the quality of photo and video that you did, they’ll be amazed with those and at the same time your audience may learn one or two things too from the posts.

4. Are you a storyteller? People just love stories. So, the best way to enforce your authority to reflect your maestro-ness in what you do is, via stories. Don’t keep whatever happens in your company to yourself, instead share them out to your audience. Let them be part of your ups and downs adventures. Park these stories in your blog. With this, it’ll spark your audience’s interest to know more about you, your brands and what can you offer them.

Once the gap is well bridged, with lots of on-going interactions going on in your social media channels and others, then trust is in the air. With trust, converting strangers to followers will be smoothen.