Build Your Brand Through Passion, Just Like Cesar Millan

If you own a dog, I bet you must’ve heard of him. I’m not quite a pet guy, no. I don’t have a cat, let alone a dog. Yet somehow I love watching Cesar plays with his dogs, trains them and shares with the audience about dog handling and other how-to skills on his NatGeo People’s Dog Whisperer show. He also helps people to neutralise problematic, aggressive dogs. I’ve been following Cesar’s tv show over NatGeo for more than three years now, and this guy is pretty darn cool. Hey, he could make a very pissed dog love him in just less than 10 minutes! Personally to me, Cesar is a good branding strategist. Here’s why.

You see, his passion is dogs and everything that relates to dogs. He is so passionate and loves them so much until he eats, drinks, sleeps and breathe the subject – dogs. And this guy can talk too. A very good speaker and a storyteller actually. He uses simple, non-technical words while sharing tips and tricks to the audience. When talking, he works on the dogs. People can relate themselves to him, and his story. Especially those with dogs.

Millions of people around the world who are as passionate as him can truly relate because they, not only are able to understand what he is saying and visualise on the how-to, but also able to benefit (or perhaps solve their own set of problems with their own dogs) from those tricks. And people love story too. What happens after that? These people become his followers. They adore him and become his fans. Millions of them. And what will happen next is, he can sell millions of whatever products or services he has by not selling them.

Go Cesar!