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Azleen Abdul Rahim

This Is How You Should Promote Your Tweet

Understand the idea behind why they are doing it that way. Let’s have a look at Dropbox way of doing things.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to promote your tweet. Remember, do not simply follow others. They are as clueless as you are. Instead observe more, open up your eyes wider and check out what large brands are doing. Understand the idea behind why they are doing it that way. Let’s have a look at Dropbox way of doing things.


  1. Check out the above tweet, did you see Dropbox sell products directly? Obviously not. Instead, they want you to find out who’s the fastest among the four – Box, OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive. This tell-to-sell type of tweet will always work and attract people to share and favourite it up.
  2. If you click at the link, it’ll bring you to Dropbox for Business website. There, the convincing effort they’re creating is much more intense. Normally, a fraction of the audience will fall for the ‘trap’.
  3. Content is key in influencing you, especially the right wording. So Dropbox prepares a button for those who want to check out the result above, and similar type of articles within the area for those who want to check out something else. With content, Dropbox indirectly makes you to stay longer in their website.
  4. After reading all those, individuals who are convinced will give Dropbox a shot. These people are willing to test-drive the experience. While for those who aren’t, they’ll see similar tweet regularly till they are convinced.
  5. Dropbox will repeat this process till you are convinced. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to take an hour, a day, a week, a month or even a year, they’ll make sure you will somehow notice them and start subscribing.

Are you using Dropbox by the way? Well, I do.

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Azleen Abdul Rahim
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Azleen Abdul Rahim is the Co-Founder of Marketing In Asia. He is also a Partner at NSE, a marketing advisory company. NSE consults medium-large businesses and corporates on marketing strategy. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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