Is Video the Future of Content Marketing?

In general, humans are born lazy. We try to simplify as many things as possible for maximum output, from whatever input we have. One of them is reading. You want to be rich but hate to read. But heading out for movies, now that’s your favourite part and willing to do anything for it. No wonder you’re still stuck there selling your time for money. 

With video quickly becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, many organisations fail to make it part of their digital marketing strategy. 

Is video, the future of content marketing? 

Let’s find out.

When you see viral stories, do you see them in articles or videos? These videos are legend. There are many great examples on these that you’ve came across before. Viral equals to share-ability. A well engaged video will invite viewers to share the video with others. With them realising it, they will spend longer looking at the video from your website or social media and spend more time talking about it with their network of friends. 

Which one would you choose, an article that has 1,000 words or a-minute and a half video that tells the same story? We are in the overload information age, thus it’s vital for organisations to offer content that is easy to acquire attention and easy to digest as well. Else, consumers will simply move on. Video does this very well, unlike articles. 

Get creative, and it will help you win the audience’s eyeballs. With these simple arguments, we tend to believe that video is without doubt the future of content marketing.