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Azleen Abdul Rahim

5 Obvious Reasons Why Your SEO Doesn’t Bring Any Sustainable ROI At All

Before you pull that plug, perhaps you haven’t been briefed of what the heck search engine optimisation or SEO is and understand a list of facts about it. You can read the article that I wrote a few months back on How to Write for Human But Optimise It for SEO.

3 months went by and you just noticed that the incoming traffics to your website aren’t improving much. Reasonable budget had been allocated and yet the result is almost like before you kickstarted this SEO adventure. Sure, you did see some spike here and there shown by the Google Analytics, and that was it. The chart does show some climbing but again it is just a flat kind of climbing type. Nothing obvious. Nothing significant.

The emotional you starts to set in. “If things tend to be the same in the next 2 weeks, might as well I just pull the plug and stop everything,” you whisper to yourself.

You are thinking of pressing that panic button and stop all the investments made, stop all the efforts done and fire that SEO-expert hired who were recommended by a trustworthy connection from LinkedIn. Stop. Stop right there. Before you pull that plug, perhaps you haven’t been briefed of what the heck search engine optimisation or SEO is and understand a list of facts about it. You can read the article that I wrote a few months back on How to Write for Human But Optimise It for SEO. From it, you will have a clearer picture what is it and how it works.

Now let’s dive in and understand the top 5 obvious reasons why it doesn’t bring you any significant outcome even though it has been close to 3 months of hardworking.

You’re giving up way too early. For me, 3 months is way too early for you to give up. In fact, you shouldn’t be given up at all. All you have to do is to pivot the strategy a little bit just in case if it’s not working. Being one of the most critical parts within the digital marketing ecosystem, SEO needs time. You need to continue developing your content week-in week-out consistently. Offer beneficial knowledge and information via articles, infographics, videos and posters that are share-able too. Focus on a limited subject matter in a single industry if possible. Remember, this is a marathon and not a sprint. You’ve got to keep going. Why keeping things simple is critical? Simply because people can only associate a brand with a single subject matter only, not more than that. Nike is in the sportswear, AirAsia is in the budget airline industry and Apple is in the mobile devices.

Your website is not only confusing, but boring too. When the visitors arrive at the main page of your website, they seem couldn’t breathe right after they entered it. If they wish to proceed further, they might need to get aspirin first. Why is that? Cloaked with too much of information, not well organised, loading time is too slow and the worst thing is they don’t quite know where to go first. When this happens, no matter how big the incoming traffic is going to be, they will leave in less than 7 seconds. Your website has a huge bounce rate. High bounce rate means that it will be impossible for you to convert them into paid customers because they will leave right after they came in.

More money doesn’t mean better discoverability. If you think you can spent a crazy amount of money on all SEO-related stunts that you can possibly think of to acquire good rankings, then you are dead wrong. It’s just doesn’t work that way at all. If your website doesn’t have enough beneficial content, and doesn’t command enough authority in the industry by having multiple backlinks back to your website, then no matter how huge the sum of money being poured in, it will just go wasted.

Your SEO strategy doesn’t involve social media at all. Within your website SEO toolkit, you may have forgotten to insert all the necessary social media channels that you have. Plug them all into the toolkit and let the SEO take its course. On top of that, you’ve got to ensure that the content that you are posting on these social media channels are being done regularly and consistently. Schedule them up so that you won’t miss any post that is supposed to be out. This consistently and the social media plug in shall help to boost your ranking up further. You will see a big difference once you start to capitalise the social media for your search engine optimisation strategy.

Your content doesn’t focus on a specific vertical. Too general won’t help the search engine to define which industry your brand does belong to. When everything becomes too general, you won’t be able to ‘own’ certain crucial keywords. You will end up with too many and broad ones. Instead, your brand should stay in a single vertical such as travel, digital marketing, automobile or any well defined vertical and focus on developing the right types of content about your brand.

Now you have a better understanding on what on earth the SEO is, how it works and why it doesn’t bring the expected ROI back to you. Don’t quit, just pivot the strategy.

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Azleen Abdul Rahim
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Azleen Abdul Rahim is the Co-Founder of Marketing In Asia. He also runs NSE, a social media management company. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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