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To Reduce Bounce Rate, You Can ‘Force’ Visitors To Stay Longer On Your Website Using These Types Of Content

Think of the internet as a vast universe, and your brand is just a tiny dot on its colossal landscape. How do you make yourself stand out?

How many times have you come across a blog or a Facebook page, read the headlines, skim the paragraphs or timeline and immediately decided to leave?

I admit I do that countless of times. Not particularly because I dislike a brand or hold any grudges to anyone or anything. It’s simple – the contents do not speak out to me.

Think of the internet as a vast universe, and your brand is just a tiny dot on its colossal landscape. How do you make yourself stand out? Even when you have worked so hard to make people notice you, the next question is how do you make them stay when they come and visit?

The answer lies in the contents that you produce, and most importantly, in the ability of your contents to reach out to your target audience.

Speaking of contents, at this point you have probably know that human beings love visuals. For example, we know that anything with colors on it, a stunning composition or a brilliant graphic design always wins over boring rows of texts. Add some interactivity or movements and turn it into a video – you’ll probably win the game already.

But, before you invest in these efforts, consider these practical points to come up with contents that can truly speak to your audience.

Contents that your audience wants, not the other way around. It is a wise move to put on a journalist hat when you think of contents that your audience wants. It might be hard to resist the temptation of boasting about your product or your brand, but take a step back and try thinking from the audience’s point of view. The best way to find out is to examine your previous contents, the level of engagement and the way your audience respond to it. Another best source is to find it out from the people who frequently deal with your prospects – the sales team, for example.

Contents relatable to your audience. Empathy is key. Audiences appreciate contents that they can relate to and easily follow through. Your content should make them feel like you are part of the crowd and that you took your time to understand them and offer something that helps shed light on their concerns, if not solve them. Make it easy for them to respond. Ask emphatic questions, provide emotion and share buttons and allow comment sections – these make it feel like you genuinely care about them and their responses.

Contents that trigger positive feeling. Nothing beats a feel-good-feeling to start the day, and your content has the power to do it. The emotional game is the essence of crafting contents that deserved to be shared. Tap into positive feelings like happiness, contentment, and joy – these are the emotions that make your audience feel good and want to spread it around.

Contents that speak human. Now is the time to ditch complex sentences and jargons in your copywriting. In social media, you just have to speak human. That’s making your sentences simple, straightforward and concise. Perhaps the best way to illustrate this is to imagine that your content is your audience’s best friend. Slangs, local terms and current issues also could work, depending on the style and tone that you are aiming for.

Contents that are credible. Credibility needs to be earned and respected. With the abundance of contents on the internet, it may be easy to just “borrow” someone else’s and share it as yours. Give credit to where it is due, and cite your sources accordingly. You want to be present in social media for a long time, don’t taint your presence with poor etiquette. Remember this: your audience is always judging.

Well, with all that being said, crafting great contents is never an overnight work. In fact, it may require a full-fledged social media strategy team to come up with the best content for your brand and make it work for you. Investing in a big ensemble may not always be feasible for everyone, but taking into account these simple elements in mind is always a good place to start.


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