The Importance of Grammar in Marketing

I was quite awed when I received a notification from a great person in the marketing paradigm which is now I feel grateful to have, in my circle of networking in LinkedIn. I was quite new in this space of LinkedIn and only braved myself to be in the system couple of months ago. The moment I entered the multiplicity of the LinkedIn community, was just like standing in the middle of a very hyper busy highway with the full speed of lightning, do not know where or how to crossover or should I immerse myself into it. Thus, I now landed myself in a space of nowhere or perhaps somewhere in the digital spectrum.

Ah Pong! What the clock?” once, a little squirmish girl screamed at her friend next door asking for the time… using the language that supposed to be her second language but sounded so foreign. Those were the days when that little girl tried to impress her uncle that she too can speak in English. Living in the new settlement of satellite city then, with multicultural society with beautiful variety of languages, English seemed to be the tool for spoken communication without being told formally or informally to that little girl. You see she did not go to any kindy yet for that time, so does her friend and as her friend answered…”ten time!”

Basically for a little girl to acquire a language or any languages is through her surroundings, her family especially siblings, her friends and then perhaps later her education background. She started to speak in English with all the broken aspects of rules, vocabulary and haywire discourses and pragmatics of English. She could adopt and adapt her communication skill of languages according to the individuals or groups she talked to. So, once she received her formal education, she realised that she has to furnish her English for the sake of exams and not for the flair of the language. She is lucky to have elder siblings that read a lot of Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Famous Five and Secret Seven to name a few as to follow suit and in the norm of growing up, she started to read books of a different genre which she was lucky because those were the days Mills & Boons and Woman’s Weekly were not like now because she was in the era of “pre-digitalise” in the community. By readings, her English language improved, her vocabulary of the language increased too. Thus, she was and still is conscious about her sentence structures and the whole system of the English language in order to voice out literally.

She is aware of how crucial to have good grammatical sentences and to adept her writings with few mistakes made on the grammar used. This is because if she writes on issues pertaining certain situation, a slight mistake can evoke the whole meaning of her explanation on the respective issues. Sometimes, due to ignorance she tends to make mistakes in using inflated sentences, ambiguous pronouns or even too many prepositional phrases. It will be the same if she wants to market her stories or writings, whereby a grammar structured sentences denotes her whole drudgery output.

If a say, “the picture says a thousand words” so does “a word”. A word can be define in many ways and even could end up defining “a word” into a book. Her “brand” could be in creative writings where her words or sentences turn out to be ambiguity in order to redefine profoundly the meanings to the words or sentences only certain audience will understand, but with good checking on the grammar terms, her brand could be achieved according to her target.

As time goes by, that little girl creates her own world of alphabets and symbols forming them into array of sentences , visualised and fabricated them in her diary where the sentences were grammarly deformed and confound. Her deep and profound array of sentences then, are dymystify with the assitance of the digitalise gadgets and tools. Hence, she agrees that grammar is compelling and does play a crucial part in the world of marketing.