Mobile Muslim: 5 Crucial Things To Understand When Building Content As A Religious-Based Brand

On the Internet, content is definitely king. This means choosing the most relevant keywords for each article is of paramount importance because we would want first-time visitors to become repeat visitors. Hence, Mobile Muslim uses the following strategies to help us decipher how we could leverage search engine optimization (SEO) and lead people back to our site more than once.

To be the authority on Muslim related keyword. This is perhaps one of the most important strategies that we have in order for us to be able to position ourselves as the authority of Muslim related keyword in the eyes of search engine. By using the Muslim derivative keywords strategically in our article, it will help us reach certain niche that we would like to dominate especially the Muslim community itself in Malaysia.

Examples of articles that we have written based heavily on Muslim related keyword are Tuisyen Peribadi Muslim and “Muslim Personal Shopper” that have gotten into the first page on local Google search after a few days being published. This strategy has shown that choosing relevant keywords as part of our SEO content strategy helps us entice more visitors and generates more organic reach on Google and also on social media site like Facebook.

Different types of articles. The deeper we delve into the Internet, the more various content that we are obliged to find. As we know that meaningful and well-written content engages the reader and increases traffic, our second strategy is to distinguish three types of articles that need to be written and produced monthly in accord to priority and availability of the content per se.

Three types of articles that we produce are: Articles on select sellers or listings on Mobile Muslim, Articles on Mobile Muslim itself and Articles on general topics or on Muslim market. 

Our vision is to become a pioneer in the Muslim marketplace sector, as well as the focal Muslim-related ‘centre’ that the community can rely on, be it locally or internationally. Therefore, we believe that focusing on the aforementioned types of content would lead to more engaging content hence increasing readership and search engine rankings.

We ask the seller to share, share and share. As this is another way to have more organic reach, especially on social media sites, we see it as a bonus to get back a marketing-bounce towards our website for free. Not only we think it is good for our social organic reach and SEO, it also enhances the public image of the select vendor itself, having an article published about them and the possibility of the content to be shared elsewhere by people who have seen the article through their mutual friends or friends of friends (FoF).

Be a guest blogger. Freshness and creativity do attract attention from people. By guest blogging, we provide or receive new voice from other bloggers who might happen to be an expert in a field that we are not. As Mobile Muslim is still a small fish in a big pond vis-à-vis other established Halal marketplaces as well as content producers, we believe that building relations is one of the must-task that we need to incorporate into our strategy should we wish to produce meaningful and relevant content and be read by people.

As this goes on, we would like to become a guest blogger that will actively submit quality posts on the owner’s blog. Not only will it help strengthening both parties’ relations, in turn, we are also able to get link-back to our site and resulting in the crescendo of our website’s traffic. 

More articles in Bahasa MalaysiaAs one of our target markets is a very large niche, which is a diverse group of Malaysian Muslim market, we also produce more articles in Bahasa Malaysia and optimize for the top search keywords in Bahasa Malaysia as well. We notice that we are getting more traffic when we produce our articles in Bahasa Malaysia. This will not only attract locals’ enthusiasts, it will also show visitors on our website visiting from other countries that our brand and reputation is standing strong in Malaysia.

This is also is a way to persuade local community and get them emotionally engaged when reading our content. We personally think that, when producing an article review, the process of choosing a suitable language that an audience is familiar with is very important, to ensure target audience get attracted and keeping them longer on our website.