Tele-marketing: The Old School Marketing Method That Changed My Life

I had a mentor, Mr Hans Rahman. Everything about telemarketing, I learnt it from him. A wonderful man, and a great friend till the end. I miss him dearly. He has since moved on to after-life. He once told me, “Continuous prospecting gives you livelihood. Referral gives you lifestyle.”

Yes, whether the prospects buy or not, ask for referrals.

It is perfectly fine that this is not for you now. Who do you think can benefit from this? Let’s start with the first one. Now that you are a proud member of this club, who else should know about this and enjoy the same wonderful benefits? Let’s start with the first one.”

Do you always get referrals out of them? Nope. Yeah, reality check. But, you won’t know if you don’t ask. Most of the time, I get one referral and the closing rate is much higher than cold calling. More so if they are referred by the buyer.

There was this one customer who referred 8 friends after buying, and he told me, “tell them I want them to join!” All of them signed up with no hesitation. And I had to run to the sale office of the hotel to seek help to put all of them on the same floor for their free accommodation, on Christmas day! They told me I can’t get this. I proved them wrong. That was a record-breaking week for me.

What did I do? I just opened my mouth and ask.

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