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Celebrating Ramadan in Malaysia and Indonesia.

A large part of the Ramadan experience is not just the change in mindset and intent but also the disruption of daily routine on both an individual and collective level. Muslims are expected to stick to a strict schedule—down to the minute—that informs them when to begin and break their fasts, impacting behavior across Malaysia and Indonesia.

Brands that are successful during Ramadan are respectful and use contextual messaging that is in-tune with Ramadan observers’ needs at particular moments throughout the day (and month!); whether that’s help in Raya celebrations, buka puasa planning, or simply distraction during the toughest hunger pangs.

Here, we take a deeper look into this shift in routine and the effect it has on the day-to-day habits of Muslims in the region. See the infographics below to explore different time periods throughout the day.

What this means for marketers

Be relevant. Context and intent is everything during the month-long holiday of Ramadan when behaviors and habits fundamentally change. Disregarding these changes can not only make your message irrelevant, but it can come across as disrespectful.

Be respectful. Build messaging that is in tune with Muslims’ needs throughout the month—whether it’s helping plan buka puasa or Hari Raya celebrations or simply distracting them during their toughest hunger pangs. Brands that respect the physical and mental impact of Muslims’ shifting habits will come out on top.

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