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‘Phygital’ In-Mall Engagement: The Ultimate Physical and Digital Experience

Introducing ‘Phygital’, where the main drive is to engage retail consumers by bridging the gap between the phygital retail space and the digital world by creating the emotional connection.

The seamless shopping experience is the future for retail and in times of digital uprise, there is a dire need to banish isolation and detachment within the community. Thus, retail space can be the new centre to engage and disengage from digital technology by improving and establishing a human connection. Leading the revolutionary digital solutions to engage and optimise the retail emotional experiences with the shoppers using multiple channels is the Nearbuy Group.

To get people to interact with one another differently, the Nearbuy Group has introduced ‘Phygital’. Their main drive is to engage retail consumers by bridging the gap between the phygital retail space and the digital world by creating the emotional connection.

Explaining how the idea of Phygital came to life, John Kenneth, Head of Creative of Nearbuy Group said, “There is a void in the market and we can use digital to improve. We realised that digital is inevitable but physical is essential and it is important to keep this human touch. So, we introduced Phygital. It is a way we can introduce digital to enhance a physical event or an experience to give a level of engagement.

Phygital was a bold move to highlight the robust digital presence and to optimise the retail experience for shopping malls to take ‘smart’ to the next level by bringing footfall to locations, instantly maximise advertisement coverage and creating an overall positive visitor experience.

The General Manager Asia Region of Nearbuy Group, Sylvain Perret commented on the importance of Phygital saying, “Experience is a key product especially now with the millennials; they are more about seeking experience and reaping an instant reward. Phygital can cover the aspect of user engagement and the community can fill this gap and reconnect.

After several successful introductions of unique wayfinding and signage technology that allows multiple channels and data points to engage with consumers through visitor screens, touch screens, interactive, and mobile web at shopping malls in USA and Dubai, notably the Dubai Mall, Nearbuy Group is enthusiastically exploring further into this industry and looking forward to expand its presence in Malaysia.

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Geogyiana Shahirah
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Geogyiana Shahirah is the Marketing In Asia's Editor for Malaysia. As a scribbler, she helps brands and individuals to create great content and solidify ideas as well as thoughts into meaningful stories. Follow her on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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