Should You Outsource Your Social Media Management?

Obviously, you should outsource your social media management if you have a combination of these 4 limitations internally.

  1. Skills. Your internal team members do not have the required skills to run your social media presence. Remember, it’s not just about Facebook or Instagram but more than that.
  2. Experience. None of your team members has experience in running social media networks. Having millennials as part of your team won’t help. They might know their way around social media but not so much into strategy or how-to in acquiring paid customers.
  3. Knowledge. Any social media team, there should be one person who will need to become a brain. A visionary leader, someone with a strategy. Else, it may not work because you do not know where you should go.
  4. Resources. Asking your intern to help run your LinkedIn, or writing a blog for you will definitely end up with a big disaster.

A piece of advice though.

When you decided to outsource your social media strategy and its related activities, the last thing you want to do is to persistently make the agency you outsource it to, to follow your failed method. Please give them some space to use their creativity.

As a matter of fact, the ultimate reason why you decided to outsource the game in the first place is that your plan failed. Big time. Hence, do not make another mistake by not letting it go. If you still insist on micromanaging them, in the end, the current outsourcing gig will fail as well and guess why. You are trying very hard to make sure that the agency to be as clueless as you are, hoping for a better result.