How Does Blockchain Affect Marketing?

There is a buzzword that has been floating around in the Marketing domain; it is called Blockchain.  The technology buzzword is increasing its popularity due to its robust functionality and tamper-proof capability to withstand any security breaches and frauds.  A lot of businesses are jumping into the Blockchain bandwagon.

What are the grief problems faced by marketers today? There are discrepancies in online advertising where results and conversions are false.  For example, paying for false impressions on the Instagram fan page can be generated by buying online tokens from less credible platforms. These form of advertising investments allow marketers to increase ‘false’ impressions or conversions. There are already Blockchain-based advertising applications such as Qchain and AdHive which create a secure, seamless, and transparent experience for advertisers. Let’s take a look at how Blockchain solutions address the pain points for advertisers.

  • It connects advertisers to the digital ledger system through security and authentication.
  • It enables tracking functionality for payment & authentication which include the digital owners (employee, managers) who are managing the transaction process.
  • It resolves issues that are against security protocols; providing transparency for any hidden discrepancies.

It makes sense to invest your advertising budget to reach real audiences and produce authentic results. Through this method, it not only lowers the advertising cost but maximising the profitable return on investment.

Technology is introducing inventive ways to stay forward; it addresses the current state of marketing where authenticity is the currency for building brand power. It is important to note that Blockchain technology can alleviate fraud issues. Big industry players like Nestle or IBM are investing in Blockchain solutions to produce real results in their marketing spend. Advertisers should invest in the Blockchain digital advertising platform which will produce authentic results. It is a game changer for businesses which can reap positive results through leveraging on reliable Blockchain solutions.