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Losing Your Creative Juice? Try This Out

Here are a few lists of things you can do make that creative juice flow through your head to your execution.

Out of frustration, I sighed.

Have you ever been into a scenario where you have to write something down or do a very important task and all of a sudden you are point blank?

Your big ideas suddenly become nada, zilch, zero ideas.  Are we really losing creativity or are we really creative?

Whether you are a copywriter, a social media strategist or a bot creator, a newbie in freelancing or a mother, all of us are creative. We just need to know how to unlock it. But where do you get my creative juice or how can you discover my creativity?

Here are a few lists of things you can do make that creative juice flow through your head to your execution:

Take a shower. Do you wonder why some of your ideas come out of the blue often when you are taking a shower? That is because taking a shower releases a lot of Dopamine in our brains that is one of the triggers our creativity. Also taking a shower makes us feel more relaxed and when our brains are relaxed, it is more likely to become more open to insights, makes our brains wander and making us more creative in the process.

Look things at a different perspective? In the Disney movie called Big Hero 6, Hiro was about to create a bot so he can showcase his creation and get accepted to San Fransokyo Institute of Technology his ideas were exploding in his mind until he was there holding a pencil and paper and he cannot execute what is on his mind. Until he shakes it up and looked things into a different perspective. Looking at things on a different angle makes it easier to think and to let the creative juice flow in your mind.

Go to the beach for an adventure. To be honest, this article was written for about three days because the author was point blank. Going to the beach can free your mind from worries and stress. Taking time to enjoy nature can calm your mind and can help you to relax. it is also proven that walking in along the beach line can reduce stress and can make you more productive as you walk, you can see inspiration everywhere.

You see when you think that you lack creativity and you want your mind to be stimulated, all you need is to relax, enjoy and explore. Trying new things, exploring new places and experiencing new food can also be an outlet to subconsciously get your creative juice to flow. So take a break, breathe and relax so you can get that inspiration and make that projects done!

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She is a mom of two amazing and talented children, who helps entrepreneurs scale their business while doing what they love. An admire of Lisa Nichols and aims to be like her someday. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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