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How To Make The Most Of Company Branding While Recruiting?

How we used branding in our recruitment process which resulted in quality applications from candidates and standing out in the competitive industry.

Author, Ritish Sethi

Working in the corporate industry has really taught me the importance of how the smallest thing can leave a great impact on an organization’s brand. Let me share my experience with all you readers out there. I am Ravi Kumar, an HR Director working for over 15 years now. When I first joined an organization, many things like the hiring process, meetings, marketing ideas, etc. were done very differently. Over the years I have seen an immense change which has obviously shown great results annually.  

So, let me talk about how we used branding in our recruitment process which resulted in quality applications from candidates and standing out in the competitive industry.

First things first, are you providing an accurate job description for the job seekers out there? When we decided to hire, my team and I made sure that along with mentioning a list of qualifications and skills, we also sell the position as though it is an advertisement. You need to keep this tip in mind that your job is the product and your audience/viewers are your potential candidates. We jotted down a simple strategy to attract the job seekers – we tried to gain the attention of all the accurate and like-minded candidates who would be suitable for the position, later we promoted the benefits one would achieve through this company (because everyone gets tempted with great offers), once the benefits are registered in their mind we made sure it left them wanting to pursue this life-changing opportunity and voila! After following these steps, we received tons of applications from potential candidates. If you try using this strategy, you too are bound to get quality applications.

After the stage of receiving all the applications, your next step is going to be shortlisting the candidates. Narrow down the best ones and make sure you select only those who are most suitable for the job. But, what about those who are not selected? Even when you reject applications, how you reject them is also going to be another task on your brand’s name and value in the market. We as a team made sure to be very polite with those who were not shortlisted.

Once we shortlisted the candidates, we finalised the dates to conduct face-to-face interviews. But before that, my team first prepared a list of questions to have a quick telephonic interview with the candidates before calling them over to our office. Communication is the most important factor and if the candidates cannot fulfil that requirement, then obviously he/she will be a misfit. Wind up with the telephonic conversation and go ahead to the next big step which is a face-to-face interview. This step is important for you as a company as you will be advertising and marketing the benefits of the company, work culture, perks, salary packages, etc. You need to be very well prepared with a few brochures or a company kit that can be given to candidates who come in for an interview and have all the important information mentioned. Even the candidate will be researching about your brand, check reviews and recommendations from other people in the industry. It will be a two-way street. The way the company is marketed plays a very crucial role in the recruitment process.

Post this step you might be impressed with a lot of candidates, make sure you do a quick reference check after you have decided the final candidate. I am sure after following and taking up professional measures to brand your company, you will get the best and most loyal candidate joining your team. 

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