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Why Trust Matters More Than Ever for Brands?

So now and in the future, trust becomes more important than ever!

Living in a society that is being transformed digitally, we gradually become accustomed to not seeing each other and still communicating and trading. I started talking with Editor-in-Chief of Marketing In Asia, Azleen Abdul Rahim via Linkedin a few days ago. He sent me an invitation to contribute content in this magazine, it is an honour for me. Thanks to Azleen!

You wonder, why did Azleen invite me and why did I agree, and take the time to contribute regular content? I think the answer is quite simple – trust. Despite I am in Vietnam and Azleen in Malaysia, and further we never knew each other before, the only thing that makes me said yes to this gig is purely trust.

Everything started when Azleen found me on Linkedin as well as my marketing blog, he realised that I could be an interesting contributor to Marketing In Asia. In the opposite direction, I feel extremely excited about Azleen’s initiative as well as the mission of Marketing In Asia magazine which is to expose more and more Asian marketers to the world through the platform. When both parties communicate and gain trust, it may be a matter of time when a transaction appears.

As you can see, this post is the result of a transaction, a product of trust in the new era.

Today, the internet gives us the opportunity to communicate with each other through social media, email, blogs, forum, … anything. Every day, we communicate with people, make every transaction without seeing one another. If you don’t trust a person, do you want to chat, talk or get close to them? If you don’t trust an online service provider like SaaS, are you willing to pay them $99/month? I bet no.

So now and in the future, trust becomes more important than ever!

In terms of marketing, in order to have confidence from your audience or customers, you need to be sincere and valuable. Sincerely help users to love you, trust in you. Valuable help will indirectly persuade people to come near you, get advice from you, and collaborate with you. After all the wisdom and what to call is to meet the needs of the audience, some of which will become your customers.

You also know that Google, as well as other search engines, increasingly value the reliability level, factors of credibility are placed first in the ranking factors. They determine reliability largely based on relevance and authority. That’s why links (including internal links, outbound links, inbound links/backlink) greatly affect your rankings.

I believe that any business that builds trust in the audience will have many customers. As trust grows, each customer will soon become a loyal customer. Similarly, individuals who build trust with people around them will gain many achievements soon.

Finally, trust is the core factor for you to build a brand. When you are mindful of trust, it is like a promise, it motivates and leading your actions to grow your brand further.

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Quan Pham
Written By

Quan is the Co-Founder, Head of Marketing & Sales at Printub, a leading print-on-demand platform in Vietnam. He is a marketing strategist and full-stack digital marketing expert. He also always committed improving the understanding of technology and user experience to lead action. You can follow him on LinkedIn and blog.

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