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Adobe Launches XD’s Integration With Amazon Alexa & Findings From Its Voice Technology Trend Survey

Voice is emerging as the next major human-to-computer medium of interaction.

Photo by Matan Segev from Pexels

with the introduction of the Amazon Alexa XD plugin, which allows users to export prototypes to Alexa and preview Adobe XD prototypes, as well as a new Adobe XD skill for Alexa, the first-ever Alexa skill built by Adobe, for users to access and interact with their prototypes via an Alexa-enabled device such as Amazon Echo.

As the use of voice assistants is expected to triple to 8 billion by 2023, voice is emerging as the next major human-to-computer medium of interaction, thanks to the fact that it’s simple to use and can remove tedious friction. Designers now need more ways than ever to incorporate voice into their processes to create experiences that leverage this new medium. 

Additionally, Adobe has also released findings from a survey of voice technology users about their experiences. The results reveal that there’s major opportunity for designers to lead the way as we transform digital experiences with voice.

Some key findings from the survey in the US include:

  • 91 percent of brands are already heavily investing in voice
  • Almost all users (94 percent) consider voice technology easy to use and believe it improves their quality of life, but
  • More than half find the process of using voice technology nonintuitive – with 49 percent saying they sometimes don’t know where to begin a task
  • Less than half use the technology daily despite being satisfied with its responsiveness and ability to work across devices
  • Many are reluctant to use voice technology for complex tasks such as personal or booking travel
  • Users are split on whether voice technology should (51 percent) or should not (49 percent) have human-like attributes, such as sympathy and humour
  • Most users (80 percent) agree that visual elements would enable them to use voice technology for a wider variety of tasks

Voice is here to stay – and will only continue to grow. As brands look to expand voice interactions to more conversational and complex engagements, designers will likely play the most critical role in making voice experiences user-friendly and intuitive – designers can create more natural-feeling interactions to drive greater adoption and comfort by leveraging the XD integration with Amazon Alexa.

Kindly refer to the full findings of the survey here and more details on Adobe XD’s Integration with Amazon Alexa here.

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