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Our top 5 picks for you to read all about it

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Welcome to the year of 2020! It may be a brand new year but hey, it’s never too late to recap the last couple of weeks of 2019. Here are the top 5 articles for the past two weeks on Marketing In Asia, just in case you missed it.

Improve Your Instagram Marketing With User Generated Content, by Anne Griffin

In Marketing, Instagram and UGC, if we ever try to find something equally important for three of them, it will be the audience. If we directly move into the marketing first, a question you would surely like to answer is, how do you think Instagram is even better for marketing? As we all know, Instagram was not originally made for it. Then why we are not only doing something other than building connections but also focusing on improving marketing in it? Well, to answer that, we should realise that, having started with the traditional ways of marketing, that was completely offline, we have grown and touched an online version of it today. Read more.

Get To Know Nicole Rodrigues, Founder Of Dorothy Scents, by Geogyiana Shahirah

I was born in Penang, brought up in Miri / Labuan/ Johor/ Miri then went to high school and graduated in New Zealand. After selling my first business – mountain fresh fruit juices, I came to a crossroad in my life where I was at the stage of what I should do next and what will I do; this was on the eve of my grandmother Dorothy D’almeida’s birthday. Then my brother suggested why not get into the candle business as I have always loved candles. Hence, the name Dorothy. 

I learned to make and experiment with candles from my brother’s friend. He taught me the art of making and then I continued (trial and error on my own). I also got tips from a good friend overseas who was in the candle business for over 16 years and that was when Dorothy scents was born. This was about three years ago – I started part time first, gave up in between then decided to give it my all! Read more.

Hiring – The Startups Challenge: HR Tech Tools And Branding To The Rescue, by Akanksha Sharma

Startups were a taboo some decades ago because stability was key to previous generations. Then a little over a decade ago, startups begin to form within the country, and today we are the third in the world behind the US and China. The startup industry raised about $3.9 Bn from venture capitalists in the first half of 2019 itself. With the tech-savvy millennial generation joining the workforce, it is more evident than ever that the startup industry is here to stay.

According to a recent report by KPMG, it states that there are two reasons for the boom in the industry-consumerism and the digital revolution. With this boom and the growth in the industry, hiring for startups should ideally be a cakewalk. However, the scenario is quite the opposite with startups finding it challenging to hire the right talent, which can be a significant cause of concern and loss. However, a report by Innoven Capital states that hiring statistics are to see a change by witnessing a rise in the number of hires in 2019 as compared to last year. Read more.

Top 100 Filipinos To Follow On LinkedIn For Inspiration And Learning 2019, by Virginia Bautista, Virnielle Bautista, Malissa Ancajas, Jennette Cajucom, Deserie Notario and Marketing In Asia’s Editorial Team.

The number of Filipino LinkedIn members has increased tremendously in the past few months. Currently, there are already more than 7 million LinkedIn members from the Philippines. While the overwhelming majority of them are content viewers, rather than content creators, the opportunity to build a much more engaging and supportive Filipino LinkedIn community is huge as more Filipinos find value in the content shared by their fellow Filipinos on the platform. According to LinkedIn, which now has more than 660 million members from 200 countries and regions worldwide, two million posts, videos and articles, as of 2018, flow into the LinkedIn feeds every day. Read more.

Do You Have Some Of These Facebook Ad Account Issues? By Julian Canita

I’ve been auditing a lot of Facebook ad accounts recently and I find three common things a lot of business owners miss out when running ads. Some are even wasting money just because of mishandled campaign management. Here are the 3 common issues I see with Facebook Ad Accounts and how you can fix it. Read more.

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