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Top 10 Most Engaging Brands In 2019

Brands compete in a realm where consumers are bombarded with ads at almost all hours of the day

Photo by Pete Pedroza on Unsplash

Probably one of the most coveted of metrics for any digital campaigns is engagements. These are the crystallisation of a brand’s relationship with its customers and gives a quantifiable number to their fanbase. 

Attaining these interactions however is no simple task. Brands compete in a realm where consumers are bombarded with ads at almost all hours of the day. Attention spans are getting ever shorter while retaining them mounts an even more herculean task. Overcoming these hurdles involve meticulous planning and understanding, taking into account a myriad of factors such as format, time of day and most importantly, content that resonates with your target audience. Retaining customers then involves creating a continuous stream of creative, engaging content that keeps you ahead of the pack, turning fans into advocates to generate even more buzz for your brand. 

As we step into a new decade, Socialbakers has analysed brands in Singapore across both Facebook and Instagram, recognising those who have risen to the peak of social media success to be among the top 10 most engaging brands in 2019.

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