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3 Reasons You Can Brand Your Firm As “Best Outside Counsel”

If your people can communicate and write the right message with the right tone, they carry your values

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Expertise with tech. Legal tech is attracting plenty of interest, money, press and hype. It is the law’s shiny new object that has transfixed the industry. There’s no reason for you to not hop on the bandwagon. Providing tech experience to the corporate client can start with sharing cloud storage to update and transfer documents, consolidate approvals and comments from each party. 

Feature a simple legal calculator at your website to generate an estimated cost of legal fees according to your firm’s rate (you can use simple excel and convert them, that’s how you invite traffic). Use AI potential to level up your game.  If a lawyer had a phone call, attended a meeting, or worked on a document, traces of that information is in the system already, AI just pulls that all together to provide a timesheet. It’s a credible way to feed live updates.

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Ability to communicate real client-solicitor experience with the key person. Lawyers are good at meticulously drafting legal documents and solving problems for their clients. The ‘product’ is in the legal contract or advice itself. But the product of any professional service encompasses the entire experience of interacting with the service provider. 

The client’s experience is equally important as the case outcome. Here are a few pointers:

  • Speaking with clients online rather than needing the client to come into the office;
  • Listening to the client’s choice of words to gauge their level of legal and commercial knowledge;
  • Mirroring the language and tone clients use in verbal and written communication.

Everyone is a role model. This is a no-brainer. But have you assessed how your clerks and juniors present themselves while communicating with your client? You are the reflection of the whole team. If your people can communicate and write the right message with the right tone, they carry your values. Your client will never hesitant to visit your firm because they are assured of the same customer experience when you aren’t around. Train them well in networking. Perhaps, they are your best referral if they end up leading an in-house role.

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Fatihah Shafie
Written By

Fatihah is a Legal Compliance Professional from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is fluent in human, legal and business language. Fatihah is the owner of MYLexcheck, a writing company that helps small firms in Malaysia grow their business with editorial works and digital marketing. Connect with her on LinkedIn and website.

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