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5 Damages A Bad Hire Can Do To Your Company

Hiring a wrong candidate can damage your company’s reputation, wastage of resources and can affect your culture

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Organisations thrive on culture, and the people hired there. Employees with the same passion and ambition as that of the company can do wonders for business. However, a wrong hire can lead to severe damage to the company. 

The process of hiring, too, has changed over the years. We have gone from one on one conversations to now Skype interviews to technology taking over with AI helping skim through resumes to pick the best ones of the lot. However, the culture of the organisation is now being built for the comfort and engagement of the employees. This boosts their morale and increases their productivity levels at work. 

As a Human Resource executive, you are responsible to test and assess the right candidate so that the job description and the expectations of the candidate hired match each other. A good match can bring in profits but a bad one can result in losses in the profitability at work.

What then are the harmful effects if a wrong candidate is hired for a job?

Disturbing the Workplace Environment. The culture of an organisation has taken the front seat in today’s hiring scenario of companies. It isn’t only important for the existing employees, but it is also something that future potential candidates look for before they apply to companies. A right candidate that fits can enhance the culture of the company and spread positive vibes to work around with. However, a wrong candidate for the job hired can spread around toxicity resulting from their dissatisfaction at work. 

Decreased Productivity. A candidate that is right for the job chosen can do wonders for the organisation. They work with passion and towards the mission set by the company. At the same time, they motivate other employees and increase their productivity at work. Contrary to this, a report says that an unfit employee will lower productivity by not giving their all to the job. They may find ways to escape the grind during working hours which affects and influences negatively even the ones working around them. This lowers the productivity of the company and results in losses to the same. 

Damaging the Reputation. In today’s day and age of technology, employees survey and review the company before they apply for a job. Such reviews can contain experiences from dissatisfied employees which is a result of a bad hire or only bad experience of one employee. However, one bad review can affect even future hiring opportunities for the company. It also puts out to the world what is and isn’t working within your company. This happens when the expectations of the employee during the interview process is different from the actual job they are given. 

Wastage of Resources. Hiring a candidate is an expense to the company since they make provisions for not just the salary of today but also in many ways secure the future of the employee. At the same time, to keep the employee engaged within the company is also something for which the company spends its resources. It also results in a wastage of time and energy that can cost the business in several ways. 

Loss of Morale and Confidence. When there is a bad hire looming large on the company, it is natural for the management to keep an eye out on them and their work. This is because they are continually looking for a valid reason to remove this employee since it costs their company. However, this lowers the morale of the other employees since one wrong employee takes up so much of the attention that could have been equally divided between them all. They feel low on confidence since their work goes unnoticed and at times, unappreciated. All of this can lead to them not giving their 100% at work because they may find that no one cares about the hard work they have put in. 

Hiring a wrong candidate can damage your company’s reputation, wastage of resources and can affect your culture. If he/she does a lousy job, you may want to fire them and look to do this effectively without damaging the reputation of the company. They can leave a black mark which can affect your future possibility of hiring. More so, when they are around the workplace, they can effectively spoil the minds of existing employees, leaving a bad taste as they depart from the company.

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