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Product Marketing Manager, India

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Check out the opportunity below. 

Job Highlights 

  • Marketing, SEO, Communication, Presentation 
  • Full Time
  • Competitive
  • 8-13 years of Experience 
  • Bachelor’s degree 
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Job Summary 

Position: Manager, Innovation (Open) – Product Marketing Manager
Work Location: Pune, India 

Main Responsibilities: 

  1. Take ownership of marketing the BTS portfolio of services to target markets ( including internal/BU stakeholders) . Also includes marketing as part of our partner program.
  2. Participate in events as required and manage the participants to ensure maximum participation lead generation.
  3. Explore and drive other lead generation efforts like dedicated and focused campaigns.
  4. Work on Public relations, internal and external communication , digital presence of BTS in alignment with Corporate Marketing guidelines.
  5. Take ownership of all materials and content which are used to market our offerings and ensure their effective delivery through multiple channels Brochures.

This includes: 

  1. Thought leadership work like white papers/blogs.
  2. Market facing presentations.
  3. Case Studies and success stories.
  4. Marketing Function- Created Product/Services.
  5. Digital Presence/SEO/SEM activities/ Forums/Website/Portals/Content Management.
  6. Branding.
  7. Campaigning.
  8. Market Research.

To apply, click here.

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We team up with SCIKEY, the coolest AI-powered talent commerce platforms in Asia, to bring awesome cross-border marketing jobs across Asia to you. To post marketing-related jobs, click here or if you’re looking for a greener pasture (read: a job) anywhere in Asia, upload your CV right here.

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