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Finger On The Pulse of Thai Media In Age Of Digital Disruption

Thailand’s media landscape saw many compelling turn of events as traditional and online media tried to adapt to survive the age of Digital Disruption

Photo by Tan Kaninthanond on Unsplash

InfoQuest Limited, a leading media intelligence service provider and Thai online news agency, has published the Thailand Media Landscape 2020 report. The report discusses the situation on various media from social media, influencer, website, digital TV, OTT TV, radio, magazine, newspaper and news agency. The Thailand Media Landscape 2020 report is being distributed locally and abroad. The overseas distribution of the report will be handled by PR Newswire, a company under the Cision network and a longstanding partner of InfoQuest.   

Thailand’s media landscape saw many compelling turn of events over the past year as both traditional and online media tried to adapt in order to survive in the age of Digital Disruption in terms of content and platforms. People will get to see how certain traditional media collapsed due to its inability to adapt, as well as other media that embraced technology as a tool to turn crisis into opportunity and success.  

Social media was the most popular form of media and continues to show strong potential for growth in terms of number of consumers and popularity. This type of media has become a lucrative platform for many businesses. At the same time, over-the-top TV (OTT TV) plays an equally outstanding role. Thanks to its ease of use and wide variety of content, OTT TV has managed to snatch watch hours and viewership from digital TV. Meanwhile, the roles of traditional media that once reigned supreme like newspapers and magazines have reached the point of diminishing popularity. As a result, they have to find ways to survive on online platforms.

The report is now available for download here.

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