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How To Use Social Media Marketing And Still Deliver Results During Covid-19

People these days are not into buying mode. So when they do, their expectations are high

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Stay at Home or Stay With Us. Have you seen this ad from a well-known Life Plan company in the Philippines? You might be browsing elsewhere, in other social media platforms, and noticed other companies bragging about their products and services, pushing it to people as if it’s the only solution in this pandemic. I even saw one post from a Fitness Coach saying that if we only have a few months to live, we better live healthier and sexier. How would you react if you are the prospect?

As a Copywriter, I still need to produce a high-revenue campaign even in this “flattening the curve” season. One-third of the world is on lockdown, non-essential businesses are closed, and people are losing their jobs. But for me, it’s unfair to take advantage of the situation and create over-promising results just because we are in crisis.

I created three things to consider on your Marketing Post that will identify your brand as reliable, trustworthy and will not take advantage of the dilemma.

Provide More Value. I know that most companies are already doing this formula. They are giving out value, before taking orders. You will see that on landing pages giving you free stuff before getting your email addresses. But sometimes, it lacks worth, they are just giving out garbage, sorry for the word. We need to be compassionate this time, this is the season of giving back because it’s not every day that we are facing this kind of tragedy. Yes, we can still take the right amount of profit but we also need to provide something especially to our most loyal customers.

Be Careful of Your Headline. This is the most crucial part of your copy on Facebook ad posts, marketing emails, landing, and sales pages. If you fail to provide an engaging headline, your entire campaign will follow. I suggest focusing on the positive captions, out of consideration of what everyone else is experiencing. 

  • What Everyone Needs to Know About ( Your Topic)       
  • (Experience this Specific benefit) Through (Your Product)                                                                        
  • How To (Get Specific Results) in Number of Ways

Over-Deliver What You Promised. People these days are not into buying mode. So when they do, their expectations are high. When creating your advertisement, make sure that whatever benefits you put into words are possible and true. 

Be serious about your marketing research. They are the foundation of a great copy that produces results. Work with your clients to achieve high-revenue ads and be transparent on the pros and cons.

These suggestions might help you if you are the person-in-charge of creating Marketing campaigns in your company. Or if you know someone who might benefit from this post, don’t hesitate to share this post with them.

If you are staying-at-home and don’t have much work to do, feel free to comment. I would love to hear your two cents.

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Jennifer Kristine
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Jennifer is an amazing Social Media Strategist & Content Creator who helped business owners to turn their brick & mortar to digital by maximizing social media platforms. Follow her on LinkedIn and website.

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