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Creating Brand Advocates Through Social Media CX

Did you know that 65% of consumers are reported to cut ties with a brand with just a single poor encounter?

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Having a well-functioning CX strategy can make a huge difference for any brand. In fact, managing CX in the open presents the ultimate double-edged sword. Research shows that there is a 25% likelihood that a complaint resolved via social channels will produce a brand advocate, while there is also a 50% chance that a complaint left unresolved will produce a brand detractor. These numbers, partnered by the fact that customers also expect to wait for an average of 11 minutes for a response after posting a support request, makes it more challenging to maintain brand advocates through Social Media CX.

New technology, new expectations

The support experience, historically a one-to-one exchange, has taken on a new dimension as some customers leverage the visibility of social media in search of rapid issue resolution. This represents both a threat and an opportunity, as speedy responsiveness and transparently positive outcomes influence more than a single person at a time, while slow responses and dissatisfied users also have disproportionate influence.

Indeed, poorly handled social engagements are much more likely to go viral and produce nightmarish PR scenarios than positive outcomes are to generate the opposite. Because social media support is generally limited to brands in highly competitive service sectors greatly dependent upon maintaining high levels of good will, there’s no margin for error. Social CX must be handled expertly and quickly, all hours of the day.

According to Google, 60% of business tech customers rely on reviews and testimonials from other consumers. Meanwhile, a study by Forrester Research Inc. showed that 18% of consumers trust influencers while 92% trust brand advocates. It should also be noted that 65% of consumers are reported to cut ties with a brand with just a single poor encounter, which is why it is important to give them an amazing experience every time they interact with your brand. 

One of the first places any company should look for in finding brand advocates is on its own social media channels. Every opportunity to engage with your audience should be considered and leaving them satisfied can help build stronger relationships with your brand. It is important to genuinely address the concerns of your audience and connect with them to turn them into potential brand advocates.

Ensure your company is providing quality outsourced social media support that builds brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Take a look of how my company, Everise, provided one of our clients with the quality social media support they needed to solve their social CX challenges:

Case Study: Gapless social media support for an international airline

Client. Transatlantic commercial air carrier known for its deeply devoted customer base.

Challenge. The client sought to complement their in-house 12×7 European daytime social CX with an outsourced provider able to extend equally high-quality support during Europe’s evening hours.

Alignment. Everise CX has a long history as the client’s 24×7 outsourced provider for every other support channel, equipping us with an unmatched understanding of their brand and their customers’ needs and expectations. 

Strategy. Everise CX identified the highest quality phone and chat agents on the account and provided them with social media support training, primary emphasis being on Facebook and Twitter. 

Result. Within weeks of launching the social support program, Everise CX agents achieved an unheard-of average rate of issue resolution of just under ten minutes (that’s ten minutes from the initial post to closing the case). Additionally, CSAT scores showed slightly higher levels of satisfaction following support by Everise CX agents than cases handled by the client’s in-house agents.

A good Social Media CX Strategy can make all the difference as it gives brands the opportunity to create loyal advocates out of any customer. Providing brand-affirming, outsourcing social media support consistently will build loyalty and publicly project your commitment to customer satisfaction. Around-the-clock social media support is a requirement if you want to survive in today’s experience led economy.

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Sudhir Agarwal
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Sudhir is the Founder & CEO of Everise, a global experience brand extending CX transformation to enterprises from the Fortune 500 to the world’s most beloved unicorns to high growth tech startups. You may follow him on LinkedIn and website.

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