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How To Ace Your Online Job Interview

We are now facing an uncertain time, and things change drastically, and part of this is the job hiring process

Image by www_slon_pics from Pixabay

The job interview is a process to determine if the candidate is the right person to be hired for the position. For so long a time, this is being conducted face to face. A candidate will have to go to the actual office of the company and attend the job interview. There are so many reasons this is being done, I will not delve into this as I am sure you have an idea why so. 

Now, let us jump into something that you probably are not used to, attending an online job interview. I am not saying that this is something you have not done, but certainly, this is not a standard practice, especially here in the Philippines. 

We are now facing an uncertain time, and things change drastically, and part of this is the job hiring process. If you are uncomfortable attending online job interviews, I highly recommend and suggest that you prepare yourself now and be familiar with it as this will stay for good. 

As a Virtual Assistant for so many years, we have mastered our way of attending online job interviews. This is still nerve-wracking, much more if you are not used to this. 

Watch and follow through the tips on How You Can Ace Your Online Job Interview!

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Maria Garner Florentino

Maria is a proud work-from-home advocate. As a Professional Virtual Assistant, she has worked with different clients and has learned a lot from them. Her respect for her career has given her the opportunity to earn from home; helping others who want to start a career from home by training and honing them to become VA Ready. She manages an FB Community with about 77 thousand members of aspiring and experienced VA's called Philippine Home-based Virtual Assistants. Follow her on LinkedIn and website.

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