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Don’t Forget Sixteen

Our biggest asset is our network. We can do some amazing things with it

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16 is how many people I have helped to get a job since March. That’s 16 families that will eat. I’m not a recruiter, I’m not monetizing this and I am definitely not looking for glory because I am trying to help, I have 30+ years in sales with a decent network and I do come across jobs.

Let me share something. Our biggest asset is our network. We can do some amazing things with it – not only for ourselves but for the people around us who need help and during this pandemic, I’ve decided a few things:

  • Get my stories out to those who need them
  • Help as many people as I could through my experience, connections, and guidance
  • Offer to coach all those who cold pitch me directly after I accepted their request to be a part of my network
  • Don’t disappoint the three sets of eyes that were always on me – God’s, my 15 year-old daughter’s and the reflection in my mirror

The one simple thing I can do to help; if you’re a sales or biz dev person who is out of work and is looking for something or anything, or know of someone who is in this boat, message me or send your resumes to me. I will try to connect you with opportunities as I come across them or when people ask me for sales people.

To recruiters, feel free to connect as well to get applicant referrals.

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Apollo Angco
Written By

Old-School "UNFLUENCER", Apollo brings over 30 years of invaluable sales and operations experience. This Filipino-Canadian has global experience in six countries including finance, music & entertainment, sports, IT, and digital marketing. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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