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Mastering Sales, Getting Insane Marketing Results With AI

Will AI steal our jobs?

We’re drinking with Joe Fox, the APAC Managing Director of Lighthouse8 and previous Co-Founder of Studio Culture. His team is currently doing some amazing things with AI.

We cover issues such as:

  • How can you sell what you want to the people you want to sell to?
  • The best book you need to do to improve sales and negotiation
  • How can you improve your networking as an introvert?
  • Does fashion matter?
  • Will AI steal our jobs?

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Chen Terng Shing
Written By

Terng Shing is the CEO and Founder of PR and content marketing technology startup SYNC. With a decade of experience in public relations and content marketing, Terng Shing is combining traditional PR and content methods with automation technology to create a scalable agency. Follow him on LinkedIn and website.

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