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Dable Acquires Media Startup NVM To Expand As A Media Publishing Platform

NVM’s main workforce and core development assets have been transferred to Dable

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Dable, Asia’s No.1 content discovery platform, announced that it has acquired NVM Co. Ltd., a media startup that operates the digital media Pinch. 

With this acquisition, NVM’s main workforce and core development assets have been transferred to Dable. Dable aims to expand its business to a media publishing platform with global competition by combining its personalization technology with NVM’s content publishing expertise.

Dable has acquired NVM Co. Ltd., that operates the digital media Pinch

Based in South Korea, Dable is a tech-based company that uses big data and personalization technologies to provide personalized content recommendation and native ad. Dable has partnered with over 2,500 premium media across Asia, including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia. It is aggressively growing in number as it is expanding into more global markets. 

Dable is widely recognized for its technology, as proven by its awards such as K-Global DB-Stars Grand Prize, Korea Online Advertising Grand Prize, Ministry of Science and ICT Grand Prize and the like. It has also successfully secured seed investments and funding from leading investors and has raised a total of KRW8billion over three consecutive rounds.

NVM, founded in 2016, has proven its outstanding service development and operation through launching ‘Pinch’, a vertical media for millennial women and ‘Tarae’, a content publishing platform for women. Saeyoon Jeong, CEO at NVM, is a media expert with adept experience as an editor and has joined Dable with the acquisition. She is also the founder of the independent media Misfits(2014) and Pinch. Junhaeng Lee, CTO at NVM is a media platform developer, who has generated all of NVM’s services. He has formerly worked at Naver and SK Planet, South Korea’s top tech companies. 

“We are confident that the merging of Dable, the best personalization recommendation technology in Asia and NVM, the independent media with content publishing expertise, will create optimal synergy,” said Saeyoon Jeong, NVM’s CEO. 

“NVM is an excellent media with professional insight in media service development and operation. With the merge of Dable’s personalized recommendation technology and extensive media network along with NVM’s content and management services, I am positive that it will contribute to a competitive media publishing platform even in the global market,” said Chaehyun Lee, CEO at Dable. 

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Headquartered in South Korea, Dable is a tech startup that provides personalized recommendation solution and native ad services.

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