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Jennette Cajucom

Authentic Conversations With Martine De Luna, Transformational Coach & Creative Consultant

My brand story has been riddled with both pain and pleasure

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Martine started her online presence as a lifestyle blogger, then a brand ambassador and a blog/brand coach. She was also a writer and a social media content producer. Today, she is a Transformational Coach, a Creative Consultant: specifically, a Performance Coach for women leaders, and a Mindset Mentor in the area of feminine embodiment.

She believes that making a life of fulfilling experiences and contributions — even from one’s failures and the school of hard knocks — is a gateway to limitless creativity and possibilities in today’s emerging workplace and entrepreneurial world.

In Martine’s words, she said, “My brand story has been riddled with both pain and pleasure, and yet I am truly grateful for each chapter I’ve lived. I hope that my brand story will help people to awaken to the idea that they are the Source and Cause of everything they wish to be and have. I’ll focus on my “H.O.N.E” Approach to personal self-expansion, radical self-belongingness, and how these apply in life, relationships, and yes, at work.” Find out more about Martine, her life, her work, her thoughts on imposter syndrome, and who she is as a human being.

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Jennette Cajucom
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Jennette is Marketing In Asia's Editor for Visuals and Community Engagement. Leading the MIA's Community Engagement initiative, Jennette also helps CEOs and business owners on their branding strategy. Follow her on LinkedIn and website.

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