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Caliph Podcast

Aqilah Norazman: On Sustainability In Health, Nutrition Myth & Constantly Upgrading

She’s the Founder of 1-Habit

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

The entrepreneur & coach, Aqilah, is the founder of 1-Habit, Singapore’s first online lifestyle and body transformation coaching and mentorship company. 1-Habit aims to educate, strategise and mentor people from all walks of life with all sorts of health goals to change their lifestyle for good. She’s also the founder of Asian Meal Prep, a platform where she showcases her cooking skills, educating people how easy it is to have a cheap, fast and nutritious meal.

Throwback a decade ago, Aqilah lost more than 20kg in a year and she thought that she has made it. Not long after that, she gained back quickly after series of binge eating to satisfy her cravings. Realising that her method wasn’t sustainable, she had to find ways and means to get answers. Couple of frustrating years of love and hate relationship with her weight, Aqilah enrolled herself in nutrition to understand more about how food and the human body works. Upon graduating, Aqilah knew that her love for fitness and nutrition was real, so became a strength & nutrition coach.


Her commitment was clear when she started her own fitness company: 1-Habit. In her spare time, she would whipped up healthy meals and documented them in video form and unconsciously created another exciting brand called: Asian Meal Prep. In this episode, we talk about how to have a sustainable healthy lifestyle, nutrition myth, constantly self-upgrading and more.

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Caliph Podcast
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The Caliph Podcast is a Muslim lifestyle podcast show based in Singapore. Founded and hosted by Khairul Soly, the podcast features the inspiring life stories of successful Muslims from around the globe. Follow them on Spotify and website.

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