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8 Cutting Edge Sales Podcasts You Need To Hear

Put the work in with these engaging and informative podcasts and you’ll discover new tips for sales as well as being inspired by industry leader’s success stories.

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The sales world is a thrilling and dynamic place to work and pursuing a sales career can be incredibly rewarding. However, the only way to get ahead in sales is to be constantly expanding your knowledge and optimizing your sales strategies. Put the work in with these engaging and informative podcasts and you’ll discover new tips for sales as well as being inspired by industry leader’s success stories. It’s closing time.

Outside Sales Talk

For sales reps looking to increase their knowledge, Outside Sales Talk is a long running podcast packed with tips and real-world stories that help you understand how to action their advice. Host Steve Benson is a veteran sales rep and entrepreneur, and in each episode he speaks to a different guest, exploring their specialist knowledge in the world of sales. Sales trainers, experts and authors feature in this valuable podcast.

Belkins Growth Podcast

Your two hosts Michael Maksimov and Vladislav Podolyako interview a range of sales veterans on this podcast, spanning a wide range of topics in the world of sales and beyond. Sales reps and budding entrepreneurs will find an enormous amount of value in this podcast, and although it isn’t targeted specifically at sales reps, guests do bring specialist knowledge onto the podcast on a regular basis.

The Sales Engagement Podcast

The focus of this podcast is how you can engage customers and clients with the goal of selling to them. Every sales rep knows the importance of engagement in selling, and it’s only once you have a captive audience that you can really sell something. Discover new tips and tricks to expand your repertoire on the sales floor, as this podcast explores cutting edge strategies for effective sales.

The Startup Chat with Steli & Hiten

The biweekly episodes of the Startup Chat will quickly become the highlight of your week as hosts Hiten and Steli provide engaging content filled with valuable and actionable insights into new sales strategies. These guys are veteran entrepreneurs with a successful company to their names so it’s worth taking time out of your day to hear what they have to say when it comes to marketing, sales and general tips for building a successful business practice.

The Sales Hacker Podcast

Host Sam Jacobs invites sales experts and titans of the sales industry onto this weekly podcast to discuss all things sales. His guests are, without exception, incredibly successful individuals and offer new sales strategies for advancing your career and bringing in more revenue. “Surrounding yourself with successful individuals is the best way for you to advance, and this is equally true for your listening material as elsewhere in your lifestyle,” Mathilda Dacon, business writer at Gum Essays and Writinity. “The Sales Hacker Podcast will inspire you to greater heights in sales.”

The Salesman Podcast

If you’re in business to business sales then this podcast is for you. “Over the last decade, sales has been becoming increasingly focussed on B2B and the traditional interpersonal sales model has been falling away,” says Autumn Bell, sales expert at Draft Beyond and Last minute writing. “Staying up to date with the changing sales landscape is essential for success.” Host Will Barron keeps you on the cutting edge of B2B , featuring industry leaders articulating their best selling strategies.

Make It Happen Mondays by John Barrows

Barrows made a name for himself in the world of sales coaching and has been revolutionizing individual sales strategies through his professional sales training for years. As you would expect, his podcast is packed with the latest in sales tips, and Barrows offers up his years of sales experience in these hourly segments that will inspire and inform your approach to sales.

Hey Salespeople

As VP of SalesLoft, host Jeremey Donavan is a veteran in the sales world and his podcast features interviews with industry leaders, discussing everything sales related. As well as sales tips and strategies, broad career paths and the latest developments in sales technology are topics in this all-encompassing podcast.

Closing Time

Podcasts are a fantastic way to increase your sales knowledge in your downtime. Turn your morning commute into an inspiring and educational experience by plugging into the earbuds and getting these podcasts on. You’ll be closing in no time.

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