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Essays On A Life Before, During And After The Law With Mark Shaiken

Mark is a survivor of a decades-long career in the corporate bankruptcy trenches

Photo by Natalia Ovchinnikova from Pexels

Mark Shaiken, Attorney & Author. Mark is a survivor of a decades-long career in the corporate bankruptcy trenches. He sat for 10 years on his law firm’s board of directors and was a member of its strategic planning committee.

He is a graduate of the Colorado Business Committee for the Arts’ Leadership Arts program. He holds his B.A. from Haverford College and received his J.D. from Washburn University.

He holds seats on art boards, sits on Habitat for Humanity – Metro Denver’s audit and finance committee, and is a member of the Downtown Denver Partnership’s Mobility and Housing Councils.

He now measures his life by what he gives and enjoys that immensely. Mark has now started his next book “Fresh Start,” a bankruptcy novel. Visit his website.

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Dave Pamah
Written By

Dave Pamah is an author, podcaster and personal coach who helps people overcome resiliency. As an ex-athlete and retired firefighter, he faced many challenges with racism, bullying and dyslexia. His experience has led him to a career in helping others through personal coaching and with his book: Firefighting From Within. Dave hosts the podcast 'The Dave Pamah Show' where he highlights ways people can make improvements in their lives and other mental health topics. He says that people need to build resiliency by using mindfulness to gain some calmness in your life. Having more positivity can help you live your best life. You may contact Dave via email, dave@davepamah.com or Twitter.

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