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Cherish The People Who Love You Unconditionally

Life is Too Short for Regrets

Life is fleeting, like the game “Among Us”. Don’t wait until it’s too late to tell someone how much you love them, or how important they are to you.

Sometimes, they disconnect, and we’ll never get a second chance.

Love unreservedly. Spend time with your Grandparents. Tell your parents how grateful you are. Call that friend and talk for hours, like you did in high school. Tell that girl how pretty you think she is.

Nan, wherever you are, thank you for the lesson. We hope you’re having a great time with your grandkids.

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Teacher Kean
Written By

Teacher Kean is a HRDF-accredited parenting and teacher's trainer. He helps hundreds of parents and teachers bring up happier, healthier and successful children via classes and coaching. He is also a licensed Headmaster who love to create parenting videos and comics. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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