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How To Start Working From Home

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Follow these super-simplified steps if you’d like to start building a career working from home.

  1. Identify and market the skills you have in order to find work. 
  2. Determine which skills you want to master. Know what type of work you’d like to focus on a specific field instead of searching for anything and everything. When you narrow down your focus you avoid running into scams later on. 
  3. Decide if you want to work for someone else or create an online job and work for yourself. Working from home often means that you will be self-employed and in charge of finding and establishing new clients, setting your own rate for projects and managing your small business along with being in charge of paying taxes. 
  4. Create a powerful resume and list some of your skills and any relevant experience you have or positions you’ve held in the past whether they were actual jobs or volunteer work. 
  5. Build your network and focus on establishing authentic relationships with them. Consider what you can do for others instead of just what you can get from them. 
  6. Look for opportunities and pitch like there’s no tomorrow. If you don’t search for jobs and apply regularly, it will be hard to work from home regularly and earn decent wages in the long run.

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Jennifer Pacilan
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I'm a Public Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Digital Marketing Specialist and the lady behind Virtual Help Digital Marketing Agency. I adore helping entrepreneurs kill it with their business by creating badass brands that showcase their passions. I love creating, designing, and conducting training, seminars, and workshops that work and come up with brand strategies that will put businesses on the track to success. I know that each of us holds innate qualities that make us the amazing humans that we are. So let us work together to discover your passions and use them to create a sustainable business that will fulfill you and speak directly to who you are. Follow me on Facebook.

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