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God Of Prosperity’s Huat Huat Tips!

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What if Choy San Yeh (the God of Prosperity) did exist and walked amongst us in this day and age to check if we’ve been Naughty or Nice? And if you’re Chinese, you want to make sure that you tick all the boxes so that Choy San Yeh will bless you with all the HUAT! 

The idea of this video is to highlight Chinese culture and tradition, but we wanted it to be fun and engaging at the same time. In celebrating the Lunar New Year, Chinese see the importance of following the traditions to invite the God of Prosperity. Focusing on traditions such as not sweeping the floor, as you may sweep away the wealth, or not washing your hair as you may wash off your fortune. We put a comedic spin on all of these and coupled it with a heartfelt message, that above all the traditions and superstitions, nothing else is more prosperous than having your family. 

You can watch the video here.

Title, God of Prosperity’s Huat Huat Tips!


Client: Yoodo
Head of Yoodo: Chow Tuck Mun
The Marketing Guy: Azwin Andy Bin Abd Malik

Agency: 4 Thirteen
CEO: Danny Gnaniah
Lead Strategist: Jan Lee
Head of Content: Thenesh Skip, Raja Hairul Akmal
Head of Video: Ch’ng Ze Liang
Junior Art Director: Lau Song Yuen
Chinese scriptwriter: Sonia Cheo, Hong Yan Yee

Director: Hong Yan Yee
Asst. Director: Samantha Aw & CJ Ng 
Producer: Joseph Tan 
Asst. Producer: Jonathan Lim
Director of Photography: Vincent Lau
Second Cam: Adams Chuang
1st Cam Asst: Alice 
Gaffer: William & Fernando
Best Boy: Jai 
Art Director: Eddy Sih 
Sound Recodist: Alex Ng 
PA: Huey Sin, Wei Ren, Karen Chong
Wardrobe: Elaine 
Makeup: Cayreen Wong
Offline & Online Editor: Mark Wong Wai Jie
Colorist: Beh Jing Qiang
Music & Audio: Aaron Jiam

How the idea came about

The idea behind this video is to bring out our brand’s personality, which is authentic, bold and cheeky and relate it with something most Chinese celebrating the lunar new year could relate to – superstitions and beliefs. We wanted our piece to converse with and educate the public about Chinese culture in a comedic manner while focusing on the central theme of family.  

Relating to the MCO

It’s already a somber atmosphere looming around us during these unprecedented times. Most of us can’t be with our families due to the restrictions held. So we wanted to create a comedic piece that would lift their spirits, and that piece should be something that family members of all ages could relate to. We want our work to bring everyone together.

Why this direction

We wanted to tie in Chinese New Year’s cultural beliefs with a little bit sense of logic. If Choy San Yeh did exist and there are certain things that you should do or avoid to receive good luck, shouldn’t one of the main reasons for longevity and prosperity is being with your family and celebrating each other? We didn’t want to discount other do’s and don’t, but we wanted to highlight the importance of being with your family.

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