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Passion & Purpose Podcast Ep2: Finding Your Gift To The World

I’ve got 7 takeaways from this episode

Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash

Last week, I launched the Passion and Purpose Podcast and published an article about it. Today, as I finished recording the second episode, I felt obliged to share with you the process of finding your gift to the world, something not all of us have gotten the chance to do. 

My special guest, Ms. Victoria Burcusel is a passionate award winning newborn, pregnancy and family photographer with a degree in Food Technology. It was quite a turn for her, making a name in photography while still doing her full time job and being a mom at the same time. 

Like most of us, earning from something you love doing isn’t as easy as you think. Vicky started practicing her craft 7 years ago, joined different social media groups, training programs and lots and lots of practice. Over the years, she learned to establish a process, delegate some tasks and is already preparing for her online courses. 

I’ve got 7 takeaways from this episode, which I feel you might want to hear, or shall I say, read, too. 

  1. If you have something you love doing, just do it and don’t think too much. Start asking for payment and see where it will take you. 
  2. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough, especially the opposite sex.
  3. Keep upskilling and learn as many things as you can about your craft. Who knows, you might find a whole new world in it? 
  4. As long as you can feel joy doing it, keep going. Don’t stop. 
  5. Take a rest if you must, but get back with a bang! 
  6. Don’t say YES to everyone and don’t be afraid to say NO. You can’t please them all. 7. Jack of all trades and master of none. This is true. 

These are the best ones that I’d like to keep everyone reminded of, especially if you’re a new entrepreneur, and you have no support from your closest circles. If you can’t find them inside, there are social media groups that are organized to support anything under the sun, all you need to do is look it up, observe and dip your toes in it. 

I hope you can still take time to listen to our conversation and feel Vicky’s energy and enthusiasm. I found it contagious and I’m sure you’ll agree once you hear her talk. 

Here’s the link to this episode on Spotify,

If you’re in Brisbane, Australia and are looking for pregnancy, newborn and family photographer, you may contact Vicky via her Facebook page, Lifetime Stories Photography or you may go directly to her website.

Got any topic suggestions or questions about online entrepreneurship? Just comment down below and I’ll try my best to get back to you ASAP. 

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Rochefel Rivera
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Rochefel Rivera, started in the online workspace in 2013, with her humble beginning as a Virtual Assistant. Her passion for training, speaking, consulting, and business development led her to wear many hats, in the hopes of motivating people to rediscover themselves and follow their passion, resulting in building their dream business. From simply sharing her digital marketing and business development skills in her YouTube channel, Roche attracted people sharing the same passion and vision as she has, growing her influence and network of online professionals and entrepreneurs alike. Follow her on website.

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