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Intentional Optimism With Andrea Johnson

She spent her entire childhood and adolescence battling weight gain and, ultimately, bulimia and depression.

Photo by Marcin Majdański from Pexels

Andrea Johnson is an Optimism Expert and Professional Encourager. Her mission of helping others find true freedom is expressed through coaching, motivational speaking, podcasting and building a global community of women, growing through following her six tenets of Intentional Optimism.

She spent her entire childhood and adolescence battling weight gain and, ultimately, bulimia and depression. As an adult, she found several tools to help her manage, including gastric bypass surgery, years of antidepressants and counselling.

In 2008, she was diagnosed with early menopause at age 37), and told she had a 13% chance of a live birth using IVF. Then, in Feb. 2017, her mother finished her 15-year fight with breast cancer, and Andrea finally sat down and truly walked through all the pain and anxiety and emerged, as if from a crucible, with a new life philosophy – Intentional Optimism.

Now, she teaches others to grow, lead and succeed, using the six tenets of (Optimistic, Present, Courageous, Energetic, Wise and Intentional), through coaching, speaking and training. Her mission is to empower other women who have been told they are “too much” or “too strong,” to be as BIG as they are created to be.

Women lead in unique and glorious ways, and She’s here to help them do just that. Never underestimate your impact on those around you. We all lead at every level, in any area, using your unique gifts. We are the answer and the role models for future generations.

Additionally, Andrea is certified by the John Maxwell Team, an international Leadership Coaching organization, and her personal philosophy, Intentional Optimism, is a comprehensive approach to Personal Growth and Leadership Training viewed through the lens of hope.

Visit her website here.

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Dave Pamah
Written By

Dave Pamah is an author, podcaster and personal coach who helps people overcome resiliency. As an ex-athlete and retired firefighter, he faced many challenges with racism, bullying and dyslexia. His experience has led him to a career in helping others through personal coaching and with his book: Firefighting From Within. Dave hosts the podcast 'The Dave Pamah Show' where he highlights ways people can make improvements in their lives and other mental health topics. He says that people need to build resiliency by using mindfulness to gain some calmness in your life. Having more positivity can help you live your best life. Follow Dave on website, contact him via email, dave@davepamah.com or follow him on Twitter.

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