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Nike In China Shows The Power Of Short Video Marketing

That marketing model relies on one key facet – short video content

Photo by Pat Kwon on Unsplash

2021 will see Hong Kong host the influential MarketingPulse expo, and as highlighted by Retail News Asia, Nike will take center stage on the success of their China-focused marketing model. That model relies on one key facet – short video content. Inspired by Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and the entire stable of social media marketing powerhouses, marketers are looking to success stories across the region to find new niches and use further short video marketing to find footing in the market. As with all marketing trends, a specific way of creating content has thus far yielded the best results – as shown in Singapore.

The Lomotif story

Followers of the stock markets will have noted the American investment in Singaporean TikTok challenger Lomotif, with Tech In Asia highlighting an $125m contribution. Apart from local interest in the social media newcomers, there has been global interest due to the focus on short video work – even compared to TikTok, which encourages shorter form content. Lomotif honed in on the fact that modern web users prefer their content ultra-focused into short, easy digestible snaps, whether that be in web searches, news or recreational content. Furthermore, this form of content is inherently accessible, meaning that it is available to a wider section of the market, including people living with disability – an increasing demographic in web usage, and, for marketers, an area that is ethically important to focus on.

Untapped markets

Statistics compiled by the Internet Society indicate that of Asia’s 400 million web users, approximately 66 million live with some form of disability. These people frequently need accessibility options with their content that are not always well serviced in countries that are behind the curve in terms of digital technology aptitude and trends in line with western standards of web usage. This is a huge section of the market where the ease of access and transmittable nature of short video content is going to provide benefits, especially in the upwardly mobile market of Asia.

Increasing mobility

There is a huge untapped web-using market in Asia, but it is partly hamstrung by technology. Speeds only reach a relatively paltry 1.4mb/s in some countries, and data allowances are generally lower – although the regional average has now tipped 5.8gb of downloads per month, according to Kearney. Accordingly, having marketing that can deliver a message with a lower bandwidth in mind will be absolutely crucial to finding these new markets and taking advantage of them. This creates better data for the future too, and a head start on new marketing efforts in developing areas of the region and in newly digitized societies.

Short video marketing can lead the way in making a difference for companies and their potential client base. It provides a relatively equal way in which to experience content, and takes into account differences between one consumer and the next, and what they need to access the internet fairly. Short video marketing has been a hit for this reason, and will continue to be a game-changer in Asian marketing moves.

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