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Reframe Negatives Into Positives With Bonnie Hardie

She also helps Emerging Entrepreneurs start the business of their dreams by combining their Zone of Genius & Passions

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Bonnie Hardie, Mindset & Gratitude Coach and business owner of Rocksolid Mindset & Gratitude Coaching based in Orlando, Florida, USA. She is also a contributing author in Amazon best-selling book, “365 Days of Gratitude”. Bonnie helps people to REFRAME negatives into Positives + Appreciate what they DO have – while not dwelling on what they DON’T have. She also helps Emerging Entrepreneurs start the business of their dreams by combining their Zone of Genius & Passions.

In today’s Passion and Purpose Podcast episode, Bonnie and I discussed when and how she started mindset & gratitude, and business coaching and how to reframe people’s mindset from negatives into positives. As a gift, Bonnie is offering 50% OFF for an hour of mindset makeover for only $97 which normally she offers for $197. You can follow her on Facebook today. Hope you like this episode!

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Rochefel Rivera, started in the online workspace in 2013, with her humble beginning as a Virtual Assistant. Her passion for training, speaking, consulting, and business development led her to wear many hats, in the hopes of motivating people to rediscover themselves and follow their passion, resulting in building their dream business. From simply sharing her digital marketing and business development skills in her YouTube channel, Roche attracted people sharing the same passion and vision as she has, growing her influence and network of online professionals and entrepreneurs alike. Follow her on website.

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