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Ready For Digitalization – Is There An Elephant In The Room?

You can either explore to engage your driver internally or engage an external consultant to help with your journey

I had discussions with two associates on separate occasions recently. We spoke long hours on how digitalization can help organizations to transform. One asked me what was my elevator pitch to capture audiences’ attention and the other asked how CEO and/or CFO of an organization can be attracted to digitize within 6 seconds. 

At that moment, I had to be short and snappy to get them to agree with me. So here are some of my elevator pitches:

  • I want to help the 50% non-digitized SMEs in Malaysia with their digitalization journey
  • I want to help 100% of Malaysia’s civil servants to possess digital literacy 
  • I hope to transform organizations to Lead Digital, Think Digital and Govern Digital
  • I hope to help companies reduce 30% of their overhead cost by digitalization
  • I like to equip 100% of organizations’ employees with digital mindset as they embark their digital journey
  • I like to help CEOs identify the right driver to lead their digital journey
  • I like to help Day 2 companies to be Day 1 again via digitalization

I was practically laughing at myself while writing the above. Why was I laughing at myself?  I laughed at myself as the 6-second elevator pitch may revolve around addressing an elephant in the room as well as understanding that digitalization,

  • is a long journey
  • needs to address whether they are a Day 1 or Day 2 company
  • needs commitment from the business owner or CEO who is truly passionate to digitalize
  • needs the top leader to continuously support the digital journey
  • needs the organizations to identify their business outcomes
  • needs leaders to recognize that digitalization is part of their management agenda
  • needs to accept their current maturity level
  • needs to believe that People are the key DRIVER of the journey
  • needs to understand that Technology is the ENGINE of the journey
  • needs to understand that digitalization starts from their driver
  • needs to recognize that it is a total mindset shift and change is unavoidable
  • needs a passionate lead driver who has a business empathy mindset, strategic thinker, planner, implementer and be collaborative-minded 
  • needs a lead driver who knows the mechanism of Change Management and its processes
  • needs a driver who understand the holistic business ecosystem 
  • needs a driver who is able to articulate the risk impact during change process
  • needs a driver who is passionate with the technological changes, insight and trend
  • needs a driver with a digital mindset, able to use the power of data and technologies to scale and speed every form of interaction
  • needs to understand the difference between Customer Experience (CX) vs User Experience (UX)
  • needs to understand that digitalization is a collaborative journey
  • needs to be accountable to govern digital 
  • needs to understand the differences between being digitized and technically savvy
  • needs to understand that digitalization revolves around PEOPLE, PROCESS, PRODUCTS (tools & technologies) and even strategic PARTNERS
  • needs to understand that cloud is one of the key enablers to digitalization
  • needs to recognize that digitalization is neither a small nor an adhoc project
  • particularly needs to address the elephant in the room

The list goes on …

So, are you convinced and ready to embark on your digital journey?  Once you have the decision to embark on this journey, define your priorities and get the right driver to help you with the journey.  You can either explore to engage your driver internally or engage an external consultant to help with your journey. 

Whoever you choose to engage, you need to recognize collaborations are critical.  Hence the commitment and support from Top leaders are unavoidable. Jeff Bezos successfully created the Amazon disruption by creating a separate team from the existing team that supports the status quo of the business. Similarly, Simon Sinek quotes on leadership, “it’s choosing to look out for the person on your left and to look out for the person on your right”. In my perspective, while your leaders are looking into business growth on the left, the leader should also be needing to look out for the person on the right to drive change during your journey.


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Elsie Low
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Elsie Low is passionate about change mindset and an advocator of Digital Transformation and the Gig Economy. She believes that setting the pace with the right strategy and mindset is at the forefront to embark on their digital journey. Connect with here on LinkedIn.

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