About Us

Welcome to the magazine, and we hope you like what you see. Here, we work hard to connect deeply with our audience, and give you ideas, opinions and the how-to’s that are worth sharing. Seriously, we want to make great efforts to be a resource centre for all things marketing. That’s why we are designing Marketing In Asia to be a community-movement obsessed magazine.

Marketing in Asia is an online magazine, empowering millions of Asian brands with marketing ideas.

Our content ranges from branding, storytelling, insights and ideas to social media, content, design, digital and traditional marketing, advertisement, search engine optimisation, website, email and other stuff on how to have a kickass marketing initiative. All through our signature lens of practicality and common sense.

Marketing In Asia uses industry standard Adsense ads, and offer sponsored posts to brands interested in reaching our Asian readership through long-form articles. Sponsored posts are always clearly marked as such, represent the views of their sponsors, and improve the site experience for our readers. We offer native ads banners too. Check out our advertising rates.

For all sponsored posts and native ads requests please contact our official partner, Elite Werks Sdn Bhd for more information. Please note that Elite Werks is the only authorized company that we’ve partnered with for these. Elite Werk’s contact: fs@elitewerks.com or call +603 2713 1812 (during standard Malaysian working hours).

Empowering Asia with marketing ideas, that’s Marketing In Asia in a nutshell but there’s so much more coming your way as we grow across the continent. It’s gonna be a heck of a ride, and we’re glad to have you with us.