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Advertising on MIA gives you a unique opportunity to reach a region-wide audience in a creative and compelling way. Grab this opportunity to expose your brand, product or services to our loyal readers with affordable low rates.

As at Q1 & Q2 of 2018, our monthly website stats are as follows:

  1. 2,500+ targeted users,
  2. 3,400+ sessions, and
  3. Almost 5,000 page views per month.

Our website caters to a wide range of professionals based in Asia-Pacific, from regional PR agencies, C-level executives, mainstream media editors, B2B professionals to government bodies as well as small- to medium-enterprises.

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Premium Landing (1200×900 pixels max) – $75 per day

  • Our most premium spot
  • Our readers will see this first upon landing on our website
  • Currently limited to 5 advertisers at one time
  • Recommended hi-res ad with 4:3 ratio

In-Article (600×315 pixels) – $1.50 per day

  • Ideal banner type as it is embedded within the article
  • Available on both Desktop and Mobile Version
  • Banners can be a form of images or GIFs
  • Readers will read as they scroll down

Bottom Banner (600×315 pixels) – $1.50 per day

  • Available on both Desktop and Mobile Version
  • Banners can be a form of images or GIFs
  • Readers can view at the bottom of the article

Side Tower (300×600 pixels) – $1.50 per day

  • Available on Desktop Version only (in some cases, may be visible on tablet display if the width of the landscape orientation permits)
  • Banners can be a form of images or GIFs
  • Will be available at the side of article


Duration options are 7 (minimum), 14 or 30 days (maximum).

*Payments are made directly via online and no contact is needed. For the moment, we only accept PayPal, quoted in USD and paid in advance.

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MIA also offers Featured Post to be put up on our page where it will be charged at $50.00, within 300 – 1200 words per article. The Featured Post will be placed on the front page, and it will usually be visible on the first page for a week or so (we take no more than 2 featured articles per week). In addition, we offer service to write articles for your brand, product or services at a reasonable price guaranteed. The price may vary so feel free to Contact Us for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: Our website strictly prohibits any offensive or inappropriate advertisements that is promoting and/or lead to violence, discrimination, sex (pornography, explicit content, etc.) or drugs. If an ad space has already been paid for in advance and we find your ad offensive or does not comply with our standards, we shall bring down your ad without refund.