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Gail Cruz Macapagal

Gail Concepcion Cruz-Macapagal is the Country Director of DynaQuest. She started out as a Customer Service Associate doing outbound sales 17 years ago when she joined the BPO Industry. She then moved up the ranks in Operations, then to Client Services, Vendor Management and HR. She is now a Certified Blockchain Expert in an Award-Winning Blockchain Solutions provider. Gail is passionate about outreach and social causes as Gail is the country representative of Humanility Philippines and a board member of Humanility; a non-profit organization dedicated to the emancipation and holistic rehabilitation upbringing of rescued street children. Gail is also a supporter of IBPAP’s My Dream in a Shoebox for many years and Gail also serves as among the Board of Trustee for HIMAP and is the corporate secretary. Gail has also earned a certificate of appreciation from the city of Bacolod for her contributions in establishing the first Blockchain hackathon in the region and helping the region raise its business readiness global index. Follow her on Facebook.
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