Author: Azleen Abdul Rahim

Azleen Abdul Rahim is the Marketing In Asia's Chief Editor and a Partner at NSE PLT. Follow him on LinkedIn.
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The 10 Essential Questions To Build Your Personal Branding On

Without a personal branding, you are nothing more than just a commodity. There is nothing special about it. You want your professional profile to stand out? Well, to stand out from the rest, you need a personal branding for that. To stay relevant in the industry, you need a personal branding for that too. To secure a job or a business deal, you also need to have a personal branding my friend. Living in the internet era isn’t as easy as you think. You are living in the most competitive era ever, where people are fighting with each another for a piece of something in the name of survivability.

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What 3 Years Of Content Marketing Did For My Freelancing Journey

If you must know, I put everything I have into producing content. Money, time, effort, you name it. I write and write stuff about all-things-marketing. My content is about sharing Marketing ideas to the people. Before long, I find myself with backlinks on a few established publications, and at the same time, my own blog is attracting quite a decent traffic as well.