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This FAQs page will help to speed up the process of finding information you need. Godspeed.

What is Marketing In Asia?

It’s an online marketing magazine, the cooooolest in Asia. It is a community-driven magazine which platform is being used by the marketing community across Asia to share their thoughts, ideas, insights and opinion related to what they know best – marketing. Marketing In Asia works pretty much like YouTube. It’s a platform and the one who feeds the content into the platform is the community. Of course the submitted content will be subjected to our editors approval first prior to publishing them. Quality matters to us.

Why does Marketing In Asia exist?

Two reasons. First, we want to share loads of marketing ideas to Asian people and brands. You see, the western version of Marketing 101 doesn’t quite work here in this part of the world since Asia is a little bit unique and special. And second, we’d like to expose great Asian marketers to the world. We believe that Asian marketers are a little bit underrated at the moment despite the fact that they are equally good too, if not better.

What are you guys up to lately?

We are looking for more marketers who can write awesome marketing-related articles in English, to publish those articles here on Marketing In Asia. It doesn’t matter whether you’re based in the Middle East, ASEAN countries, or even North Asia, as long as you’re based in Asia, we will publish your articles. If you’re keen to write on this magazine, you can register your personal details and submit the articles here.

Is Marketing In Asia available across APAC?

We are 100 percent digital, so the magazine is pretty much available globally. All our content are personalised to Asia and we have presence via partners/editors in 14 countries now, and they are Singapore, Malaysia, Mongolia, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. Our target is to have presence in 25 countries across Asia by end-2020.

Who are your readers?

Most of them are marketers, media community and agencies, B2B professionals, C-suites, academia and general public. Not to mention, our competitors too.

Why should I write articles on Marketing In Asia?

We like this question. You know, it is cool to regularly write on your own blog or website. No doubt about it. But did you also know that it is much cooler if you are able to guess blog on third party websites? Let us tell you why.

Backlinks. It helps to improve your authority in the eyes of search engines especially Google. You should know this. If you do not aware of what backlink is, Google it.

Swing Marketing In Asia’s traffic to your website. Do the math, this magazine can attract better traffic than your website. And our traffic is not coming from just one country – but many. So, why compete when we can collaborate. We exchange our traffic for your content, how’s that sound? FYI, do check out how we highlight the contributors’ profile. You’ll definitely be happy when you see yours soon, promise!

Improve your personal credibility. Imagine when you tell people or potential clients that you’re a magazine contributor. Enough said.

What does it take to be a contributor?

Easy. You must be a marketer or at least a marketing enthusiast. Based on your experience, reading and observation, you’re able to commit and write at least once a month on Marketing In Asia. It would be great if you are based in Asia though. If you’re not, it is okay. Whatever it is, first things first. You need to register yourself.

Am I getting paid for contributing content?

At the moment, no. In exchange for your content, we will offer our traffic and swing them to your preferred website and LinkedIn, or any of your social media accounts. We will allow multiple backlinks within your profile for readers to click and go out of Marketing In Asia to your sites. You can monetise accordingly from there. In the future, maybe. We will make announcements about it.

What about the topics?

No specific guideline on the topics will be given to you. As long as it is marketing-related and you’re familiar with it, we are good to go. FYI, marketing is huge. You may cover stuff like social media, SEO, SEM, blogging, website, paid ads, analytics, digital marketing in general, traditional marketing, public or media relations, influencer marketing and so on. It’s almost endless actually.

What happens after I submit my articles to you guys?

Once you submitted the articles (and the related pics, if any) via the form located here, our editorial team will take a look at them. They will then double-check your grammar and spelling as well as the story flow just to make sure everything is cool. Once all those stuff are done, we will put them in the queue. If you’d like to know the exact date of the material being published, you may ask us here. We won’t publish articles that are not within the marketing range or the quality is too suck for people to read. Sorry.

I have a marketing question. Can Marketing In Asia help to answer it?

Yeah, sure. If you need us to answer your marketing questions, simple write it down here. It doesn’t matter if it is just a problem with your LinkedIn, SEO, Website or something more serious like the overall digital marketing strategy perhaps, just let us know. We will get our experts to share their thoughts and suggestions. Then we shall publish the answers in a form of an article.

How to promote my brand on Marketing In Asia?

First of all, we don’t like ads. On Marketing In Asia, there are a few unique ways you can promote your brand.

Become a Columnist. If you are a marketer and like to write regularly, as in 4-6 articles per month, personally you can become a columnist here in this magazine or register your brand to have a column of its own under Perspectives. Your name will be listed on the main menu as this will help on your personal brand or corporate brand’s exposure.

Sponsored Articles, Videos or Infographics. It is similar to ads, but less offensive and long-form in nature. In other words, the content is crafted with a structure in place. You need to share/give away some information first such as ideas, trends, insights or opinions before you sell something or get them to contact you. This part is called call-to-action or CTA. Normally the selling or CTA part is written or located towards the end of the content shared. This is what we mean by less offensive. Selling by not selling works better, really.

Get Featured in the Get To Know or Meet A Marketer Interview. You may also submit your interest to be featured on these sections.

MIA Deals. This menu is very special. You may share the details about your company, products or services with the audience via a short write up. It’s a hard sell section but we make it ‘softer’ via the Q&A mode

There will be a small fee involved for all the above. Once you fill up this form here, a formal quotation will be generated. We shall then take it from there.

Why should I promote my brand on Marketing In Asia?

Here’s the brutal truth. This magazine is not for you if you’re into retail and consumer markets. However if you’re targeting professionals, C-levels, corporates, B2B community, marketers and media agencies, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the justifications. One, we more or less quietly conquer traffic from Google that hunts for anything related to ‘Marketing’ and ‘Asia’. Two, we have a strong reach on LinkedIn. Three, we have partners/editors in nine countries who can easily help stretch the reach of your content. Besides us, we doubt that there’s any other magazine out there that can do similar gig affordably. And four, our rate is the most reasonable in the world. Give it a shot.

Do you accept press releases?

Yes we do, with a little caveat though. We only accept Asia and marketing-related press releases. You may send the material here. Kindly accompany the press release with some pics please, in high-res. Don’t worry, it’s free of charge. FYI, press releases is an information by nature. Any written call-to-action or CTA will be deleted. Or alternatively, the press releases will be directed to our Promote Your Brand section.

Can I propose myself, my CEO or someone worthy for your Get To Know or Meet A Marketer interview?

Yeah, sure. Do notify us here please.

Are you on social media?

What kind of question is this? Of course we are. You may connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

What’s your statistic like?

Let us be very clear on one thing. We are only a year old magazine. Despite that if you try to search for something that has ‘Marketing’ and ‘Asia’ keywords there, obviously you will find us right at the top of Google Search’s first page. That’s authority right there, and we are very good at building one.

Here are our stats as of March 15, 2020.

Our ranking based on Alexa is at 474K which is pretty awesome for a new magazine like us. Not bad at all. Our monthly impression over the internet is at 146K that translate into 4.6K clicks with more than 22K page views in total, for now. These numbers are increasing rapidly each month in parallel with the growth of our personalised content.

Check out also our social media stats. On LinkedIn, our monthly impression on average is at 15.9K. On Twitter, the impression is getting better by the day, which is now at 23.5K. Facebook is the only social media platform that is not friendly when it comes to organic. Since we aren’t a fan of paid ads, at the moment our stats on the monthly post reach is at 2,033 with 2,040 organic followers.

Career In Asia, what is that?

Unlike other recruitment platforms, here we focus on Marketing jobs only and cross-border, within Asia. Career In Asia is a section where you can either apply for a marketing job by submitting your CV, or post marketing jobs available in your organisation. To submit a CV and to post jobs here is free of charge.

Hang on, where is your location?

Oh, that. FYI, we are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We do have an office in Singapore too. We plan to establish offices in all 14 countries we are in soon. Just wait for our announcements.

I don’t see the information I need, how?

Relax, text us in real time. If you’re not rushing, you may send your inquiry here.

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