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This FAQs page will help to speed up the process of finding information you need. Godspeed.

What is Marketing In Asia?

Marketing In Asia is a content-sharing platform that makes it easy to enjoy articles, infographics, podcasts, slides and videos online. In simpler words, if YouTube is a service of displaying videos made by the creators who own the copyrights then Marketing In Asia is a service of displaying content made by the creators who own them. We do not own the copyrights and never claim those are ours. So start uploading your content today and get Asia to notice you.

Why does Marketing In Asia exist?

To give Asian people and brands a voice.

Why Marketing In Asia is confident that you can bring traffic to my website or social media via submitted articles?

When you upload your article on this platform, one important thing you must do is to invite your social media friends to follow all Marketing In Asia’s social media Pages. Why? Because we want to populate and pool together all our personal friends, connections and followers into one single place. Once this is done, the reach of your article, once we shared it on our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages, will automatically get stretched – big time. The readership will go up further, organically. This is the power of pooling people together

We want to secure as many active content creators as possible to upload their content regularly. Imagine each of us has a minimum of 3,000 friends followers on Facebook for example and there are a huge number of content creators pooling our friends together at one place which is our Facebook Page, do the math. Now that’s a powerful leverage right there.

All you have to do is to go to our Facebook Page, find the Community tab and click at Invite All Friends button there. Then head to our LinkedIn Page and Twitter to share those urls with your friends. Easy!

What are you guys up to lately?

We are looking for more content creators across Asia who are regularly producing content in English, Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia and Tagalog, to upload them here on Marketing In Asia. It doesn’t matter whether you’re based in the Middle East, Central Asia, South, ASEAN countries, or even North Asia, as long as you’re based in Asia, we want your content. Upload them right up here.

Is Marketing In Asia available across Asia?

We are 100 percent digital, so the platform is pretty much available globally not just Asia. All our content are personalised to Asia and we have strong community in 14 countries now, and they are Singapore, Malaysia, Mongolia, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. Our target is to have a deeper presence in 25 countries across Asia by end-2020.

Who are your visitors?

Most of them are marketers, bloggers, regional media community and agencies, B2B professionals, C-suites, academia and general public. Not to mention, our competitors too.

Why should I upload my content on Marketing In Asia?

Here’s why. You will be searchable on Google, better. At the same time, you will enjoy traffic coming your way too. Dig these scenarios below.

You Do Not Actually Own A Website. You just know how to write well, keen to be ranked highly on Google and build credibility. The thing is, you do not have an intention to spend thousands of dollars for a website, purchase a domain and a hosting, a theme for it, annual maintenance and spare more money to bring traffic over to your website. Don’t worry, we will do all those for you. We also will house your content for free.

Your Website Is Boring. LinkedIn, Medium and SlideShare Aren’t Helping Too. You own a website but it is pretty much stagnant right now despite producing masterpieces after masterpieces every week. Sadly there’s no traffic. You then decided to upload them on LinkedIn, Medium and SlideShare. Same sh*t. No traffic either. Why? Because these platforms aren’t sharing your stuff, it’s just you who are doing it. We’re not like them. Here at Marketing In Asia, we will share your content via our social media channels with all our readers across Asia.

Backlinks. Building backlinks on your content available on Marketing In Asia will help improve your authority in the eyes of search engines especially Google. You should know this. If you do not aware of what backlink is, Google it.

Swing Marketing In Asia’s traffic to your website. Do the math, this platform attracts better traffic than your website (if you have one). And our traffic is not coming from just one country – but many. With backlinks available, there shall be traffic coming your way.

What does it take to be a content creator here?

You need to have these three things to qualify. One, you must be very good at what you do. Two, you must be a good storyteller. And three, you need to upload at least one content every month.

To upload content as an individual content creator is free. Should you decide to upload content on Marketing In Asia as a brand, this is chargeable. The fee is only US$50 annually. You may ask for a quote here.

Who owns the copyright of the submitted content?

You are. If you start uploading various content such as articles, infographics, slides, videos and podcasts on Marketing In Asia, you own the copyrights. Marketing In Asia is just a service that will display and distribute your copyrighted content. We have no claim on your content. Marketing In Asia is not a publisher nor is claiming to own your content.

Am I getting paid for uploading my content?

Yes, subject to two factors. Your uploaded content must be well ranked on Google and receive a decent number of views. You will be notified via email about it, don’t worry. The payout starts from US$12.50 onwards.

What about the topics?

For Marketing, you may upload content related to social media, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, blogging, website, paid ads, analytics, digital marketing in general, traditional marketing, public or media relations, influencer marketing and so on. For non-Marketing, you can write stuff about entrepreneurship, life, freelancers, tech, finance, sales, career, men, women, dating, economy, sexuality, human capital, environment, anything.

Backlinks, are they allowed?

Only two [2] backlinks are allowed within each uploaded content. There shall be another two [2] backlinks to be made available on your profile. If you require more backlinks for your uploaded content, each additional backlink is priced at US$25. You may ask for a quotation here.

How do I upload my content?

You may upload your content here. Before uploading anything, you need to prepare 1-2 introduction paragraph explaining the nature of your content. At least the visitors can have a go at it before they dive into it.

To upload a presentation slide on Marketing In Asia, you need to upload it into SlideShare first. Then grab the WordPress code from there and paste it into the form provided. Similar goes if you’re going to upload a video. You need to upload it into YouTube first, then grab the url from there and paste it into the form provided on Marketing In Asia.

To upload a podcast, you need to upload your podcast into any podcast platform you like however that platform must be accessible via Spotify. This is because we can only display podcast that has a Spotify url.

For articles, this is quite straight-forward. Simply upload it into the form provided in MS Word format. Finally for infographics, you can upload it using an image or pdf format.

What will happen after I uploaded my content?

Once the content is uploaded via the form, our Editorial Team will take a look at them. They will then double-check your grammar and spelling as well as the story flow just to make sure everything is cool. Once all the checking works are done, expect your piece to be published in the next 48 hours. You’ll be notified once it is out. Content that are not well written, lack qualities and too general will be declined.

How to know the timing you’re going to publish my content?

Your piece will be published within the next 48 hours subjected to our Editorial Team say-so. You’ll be notified, don’t worry.

Why my uploaded content doesn’t appear on Marketing In Asia?

If you’re not able to see your content published on Marketing In Asia after 48 hours, it means that your content is declined. Here are the top ones why the content uploaded are declined.

One, you didn’t upload the right information for us to create your profile. Some are uploading a fake name and picture. Putting a company logo as your profile’s picture is a no-no. Two, your videos, infographics and/or podcasts uploaded didn’t have an introduction paragraph. Three, your content aren’t beneficial to Asian people. Four, you didn’t upload the images separated. We aren’t able to extract images within your word document. And five, your content are hard selling. This should be under MIA Deals and is under the premium segment.

If you wish to confirm the reason why we decline your content, kindly email us here.

How to promote my brand on Marketing In Asia?

First of all, we don’t like ads. It’s boring. There’s no ad slots here. Instead, there are a few unique ways you can promote your brand.

Become A Content Creator As A Brand. We allow individuals to become content creators on this platform for free. However it is chargeable if you decide to upload content as a brand. The fee is only US$50 annually.

Get a Channel. If you are a content creator and likely to upload more than 1 content a month, you can own a channel here in this magazine for a small fee. It can be under your name or your brand’s. Via Channels, it will help to further expose you to the readers. For Channels, the fee is US$50 per month.

Sponsored Articles, Slides, Videos, Podcasts or Infographics via MIA Deals. This is similar to ads, but less offensive and long-form in nature. In other words, we recommend you to write the sponsored content like a story. You need to give away some information first such as ideas, trends, insights or opinions before you sell something or get them to contact you. Normally the selling part is positioned towards the end of the content shared. Unlimited backlinks are allowed. This is what we mean by less offensive – selling by not selling. The fee is US$50 per content. Sponsored content will be published at the MIA Deals section.

Recommended. Marketing In Asia will make a recommendation to all readers to have a go at your content. We will park it at the Recommended menu available and only selected ones will be here. This will create better opportunities for your content to be found on this platform. The fee is only US$50 per content.

Get Featured on Talking Pod or Meet A Personality. You may also submit your interest to be featured on these segments. The fee is US$90 per interview.

External Backlinks. Marketing In Asia allows external backlinks to be inserted into content available in the platform, for a fee. You may have it for only US$25 per backlink.

Additional Backlinks. Marketing In Asia allows a maximum two backlinks only within each and every content, for free. Should you feel that you require more backlinks inside your content, you may purchase it for only US$25 per backlink.

Once you fill up this form here, a formal quotation will be generated. We shall then take it from there.

What do you mean by content?

It refers to articles, infographics, podcasts, slides and videos. We accept all of them. You can upload all these content on Marketing In Asia regularly.

What brands have you worked with before?

Spotify, CNN, Google, Waze, YouTube, Microsoft, CNBC, Verizon Media, Hard Rock, Oracle, Xaxis, PR Newswire, Cannes Lions, Yahoo!, Cognizant, Mastercard, Adobe, GroupM, Bloomberg, The Economist, Hootsuite, 90 Seconds, Nikkei Asian Review, Turner Media, 123RF, Accenture, Eventbrite, Reuters to name a few. We are working with analytics companies too, namely ADA, App Annie, Socialbakers, Meltwater, Brandwatch and iPrice.

Do you accept press releases?

Yes we do, with a little caveat though. We only accept press releases that are beneficial to Asian people. You may upload them here. Kindly accompany the press release with some pics please, in high-res. Don’t worry, it’s free of charge. And we allow 2 backlinks only. If you need more, let us know. FYI, press releases is an information by nature. Any hard selling will be deleted.

Can I propose myself, my CEO or someone worthy for your Get To Know or Meet A Personality interview?

Yeah, sure. Do notify us here please.

Are you on social media?

What kind of question is this? Of course we are. You may connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

What’s your statistic like?

Let us be very clear on one thing. We are a young platform. Despite that if you try to search for something that has ‘Marketing’ and ‘Asia’ keywords in it, obviously you will find us right at the top of Google Search’s first page. That’s authority right there, and we are very good at building one.

Here are our stats as of September 1, 2020.

Our global internet ranking based on Alexa is now at 215K. Our monthly impression across the internet is at 551K that translate into 33K visitors with more than 61K page views in total, for now. These numbers are increasing rapidly each month in parallel with the growth of our personalised content.

Check out also our social media stats. On LinkedIn, our monthly impression on average is at 21.1K. On Twitter, the impression is getting better by the day, which is now at 18.8K. Facebook is the only social media platform that is not friendly when it comes to organic. Since we aren’t a fan of paid ads, at the moment our stats on the monthly post reach is at 1,541 with 2,800 organic followers.

Hang on, where is your location?

Oh, that. If you must know, we are running this platform virtually from Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Singapore since December 1, 2018. Our company, nevertheless, is legitimate. We are a registered entity in Malaysia, governed by the Companies Commission of Malaysia. In fact, our virtual office is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We will register office addresses in Singapore and Manila too. Soon!

I don’t see the information I need, how?

Relax, you may text us in real time. And if you’re not rushing, you may send your inquiry here.

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