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Use the right channel to shout to the right audience at the right time. Your awareness strategy across Asia starts here. At Marketing In Asia, we want to share who you are and what you do with our readers. They aren’t just random people. Our readers are mostly B2B professionals, corporate figures, entrepreneurs, academia and media communities. To promote your brand to these brilliant set of people, your materials need to be strategic. We don’t have advertising slots here. Directly advertisement hardly works these days. It has to be better than that, that is why we prefer a long-form, storytelling-like. Therefore we recommend these instead:  

  1. Contribute Articles As A Brand
  2. Own a Channel
  3. Publish Sponsored Articles, Infographics or Videos
  4. Get Featured on our Talking Pod or Meet A Marketer
  5. Additional Backlinks
  6. MIA Deals

Make sense? Send us your interest here and we will send you a formal quotation.

You may send us your press releases too if you have marketing-related ones. Send them here and we will publish them up. This one is on us, no charge.

And before we forget, if you are a student or an aspiring marketer, Marketing In Asia’s Youth Marketing Forum is here to bring out the best of Asia’s young voices. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas here.

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