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Azleen Abdul Rahim

Marketing Strategy: You’re Doing Everything Right Except This One Thing

All the graphs, analytics, reports and ‘data’ from all channels are showing promising signs but still nothing on the conversion.

The marketing plan is just perfect. Your LinkedIn strategy is top-notch. Your Facebook and Instagram games are gaining popularity. Your blogging pace is coming together pretty good. SEO, it is working just great. Content are all very interesting with emotional elements are powerfully intact. All the graphs, analytics, reports and ‘data’ from all channels are showing promising signs but still nothing on the conversion. No sales at all, even though it has been close to a year.

You’ve been asking yourself why. Where did all go wrong?

Well, here is the answer you’ve been looking for. I’m sorry to break this to you but it seems that your brand doesn’t stick in their head. Yes, they don’t even remember you at all when they want to buy the product you have. Not even a slightest glance of your product name or logo in their head. None, zero.

When you plan to book a flight ticket for your upcoming holiday trip to Bangkok, there’s always that budget airline’s name that pops out in your mind first. When you walk into 7Eleven feeling thirsty, you already know what type of soft drink from which brand that you’re going to buy. When you are about to drive out for dinner with your family, you know which fried chicken fast-food joint you’re heading to.

You see, these brands are all in your head and they always come first when you’re thinking of buying something that they have. It shows that their branding strategy works.

Now back to your story. Perhaps, all the marketing strategies that you have are all okay, but they’re not well sync with your branding strategy. Your brand isn’t sticking in the consumers’ head. This is the part where many small and medium-sized brands like yours are doing it all wrong.

Perhaps you don’t even have a branding strategy at all or it’s just full of loopholes. You need to dig deeper on this more first before anything else.

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Azleen Abdul Rahim
Written By

Azleen Abdul Rahim is the Co-Founder of Marketing In Asia. He also runs NSE, a marketing-as-a-service company. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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