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Using Internal Branding To Grow Your Business

Internal branding is one of the best ways to attract the right talent to your organization.

Author, Ritish Sethi

How are you positioning your brand? What does your brand represent? A lot of factors play a key role in attracting customers. Depending on your product or services, one needs to accordingly position the brand to attract the right target audience.  

Marketing is important, there is no doubt about it, and every company will market its brand in a different way. And for that, every entrepreneur must ask themselves- “How are customers perceiving my business?”   

Not only in terms of external but internal branding as well. Showcasing a pleasing office culture, employees and brand beliefs can play a vital role in the organization and enable your customers to connect with your brand. Here are two simple scenarios to showcase how company branding can affect business growth

Case Study 1

Marketing Matters a 3-year-old marketing agency with about 50 people in the team. They have leased a villa at one of the most happening areas in the city and transformed that villa into a charming and modern office. They curated an engaging website, painted the office with company colours and created defined departments and cubicles for each of them. To keep their team happy, they offer a fresh and lively vibe through-out the office with casual attire and an inspiring wall of fame to motivate the team. This type of exciting office culture attracted the kind of candidates that company founders wanted and with the team, their business is soaring.

Case Study 2

Zola Entertainment, another 3-year-old advertisement agency made up of a team of 32 people using a rented 3BHK apartment for office in Delhi. The “office” is divided into random sections- the biggest room is occupied by the company owner, room two filled with tables and chairs is allocated to interns and 10 employees work in room three while the rest of the team is seated in the living room area of the office. Instead of covering the walls with brand colours, they opted for the most basic infrastructure with white walls and fluorescent tube lights. The company didn’t bother to even create a website for their own marketing and like medieval times, all important files and documents were stacked in the corner.   

Most importantly, the advertisement agency puts in no effort to make the team feel excited. Naturally, a lot of quality candidates ended up quitting the organization in less than 6 months, leaving the company with a very high attrition rate. Company in chaos and continuously changing team have cost the company many clients and ultimately a negative growth.

If you were looking for a job, would you like to work at Marketing Matters or Zola Entertainment?  

Like you, most of the people would take up the offer from Marketing Matters any day.  

Thus, internal branding is one of the best ways to attract the right talent to your organization. With the right talent that matches your company goals, your team will work for you resulting in the business growing exponentially!

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